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    www.dmoz.org/Home/Gardening/Enabled_Gardeners Creating an Enabled Garden - This site gives tips and modifications to help those in wheelchairs or walkers continue gardening
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    davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/376567 I feel strongly that this forum needs to be renamed from the "disabled" to the "enabled gardeners" forum! What do you guys think? Anyone else feel this way?
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    www.gardenforever.com/pages/linksarthritis.htm If I could have but one wish it would be to garden forever. Gardening soothes the soul, eases tension, brings us in harmony with nature. Garden Forever is a gardening ...
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      www.dmoz.org/Home/Gardening/Enabled_Gardeners/desc.html Sites in this category provide information, association locations, tools, or other material that helps people who are elderly, infirm or in any way need assistance to ...
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      www.allconferences.com/Consumers/Gardening/Enabled_Gardeners Click to refine your search. Keywords. Filter by
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      www.defaultdirectory.com/dir/dr2dr101287/drdr2020s1.html 8. Nature's Way: Shows the importance of living at harmony with nature. articles about organic-gardening, environment, pets, healing with herbs, and healthy thoughts.