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      www.fs.fed.us/rmrs-beta/keywords/dolichopodidae The fly family Dolichopodidae, commonly called long-legged flies, is an extremely abundant and diverse group of insects with more than 1,200 species in North America ...
    • Characteristics and Natural History of Dolichopodidae s.str.

      www.nadsdiptera.org/Doid/Dolichar/Dolichar.htm Adults are predaceous, feeding primarily on small, soft-bodied arthropods and annelids, and are important natural enemies of pests in a variety of ...
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    • Dolichopodidae - Wikispecies

      species.wikimedia.org/wiki/Dolichopodidae English: Long-legged fly 日本語: アシナガバエ科 русский: мухи-зеленушки suomi: Kiilukärpäset