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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dicotyledon The dicotyledons, also known as dicots (or more rarely dicotyls [2]), were one of the two groups into which all the flowering plants or angiosperms were formerly divided.
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    www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/glossary/gloss8/monocotdicot.html Monocots versus Dicots The Two Classes of Flowering Plants. Contents. The history behind the classes; The fuzzy distinction between the classes; The characters which ...
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eudicots The eudicots, Eudicotidae or eudicotyledons are a monophyletic clade of flowering plants that had been called tricolpates or non-magnoliid dicots by previous authors.
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      theseedsite.co.uk/monocots2.html Monocot: Dicot: SEED Monocots have only one seed leaf inside the seed coat. It is often only a thin leaf, because the endosperm to feed the new plant is not inside ...
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      jmgkids.us/kids-zone/jmgkidsweb/monocotvsdicot Monocot vs. Dicot. Home ... There are two very important types called Monocots and Dicots that you will be identifying in this activity.
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      www.thefreedictionary.com/dicot Define dicot. dicot synonyms, dicot pronunciation, dicot translation, ... dicot genus; Dicotomous Thinking; Dicots; Dicots; Dicots; dicotyl; dicotyledon; dicotyledon;
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      dictionary.reference.com/browse/dicot dicot in Science Expand dicotyledon (dī'kŏt'l-ēd'n) or dicot (dī'kŏt'l-ēd'n) An angiosperm that is not a monocotyledon, having two cotyledons in the seed. The ...