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    www.jimwegryn.com/Words/Daffynitions.htm Daffynitions.htm redirect - Jim Wegryn
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    www.lingerandlook.com/Words/Daffynitions.htm [ Go to end of page] A daffynition is any twisted and humorous definition of an English word. Although many daffynitions are just horrible puns (for example, “each ...
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daffynition A daffynition (derived from daffy and definition) is a pun format involving the reinterpretation of an existing word, on the basis that it sounds like another word ...
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      www.funny2.com/daffynitions.htm Daffynitions 1 Abdicate: To give up all hope of having a flat stomach. Adminisphere: The rarefied organizational layers beginning ...
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      www.lotsofjokes.com/daffynitions.asp Lots of Jokes is your source for Best Daffynitions Jokes, Rude Daffynitions Joke, Funny Daffynitions Jokes, and Short Daffynitions Jokes
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      twitter.com/Daffynitions RT @TWTRChat: Lol soooo true! RT @Daffynitions: Exercise: something best done in the morning before the brain figures out what’s going on.
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      www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/charles-keller/daffynitions Keller's sixth exercise in Going Bananas consists of 100 or so words and meanings, with the pun sometimes in the former (diploma: the man who fixes the pipes) and ...
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      cheezburger.com/8748635392 After Spending $21,000 on Tickets Without Telling His Wife, the Super Bowl Isn't the Only Thing This Man Has Potential to Lose
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      grammar.about.com/od/d/g/Daffynition-term.htm Definition. Daffynition is an informal term for a playful reinterpretation of an existing word--usually a pun. The term daffynition (a blend of the words ...
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      boyslife.org/section/jokes/daffynition Daffynition: Breakfast—What a driver does when a light suddenly. Daffynition: Paradigm shift. Daffynition: Paradigm shift—When someone takes 20 cents from.