• Example Cross Browser APIs - 2002

    devedge.primedirective.net/toolbox/examples/2002/xb/index.html Cross Browser Debugging API with support for Gecko based browsers, Internet Explorer 4+, Opera 5+, Netscape Navigator 4.x.
  • Cross-Browser, Cross-Version, Cross-Platform JavaScript and ...

    www.mozilla.org/docs/web-developer/xbdhtml/xbdhtml.html WHY CROSS-BROWSER DYNAMIC HTML? The genius of HTML was that it could be edited and viewed on any computer in the world and transmitted across the network ...
  • Cross-Browser DHTML Example - pearsoncmg.com

    ptgmedia.pearsoncmg.com/images/0789728958/.../web03_que_0789728958_04.html Cross-Browser DHTML Example. Okay, ... Cross-Browser APIs. In the previous section, you saw a long script that produced a reasonably simple result.
    • Cross-Browser APIs - archive.oreilly.com

      archive.oreilly.com/cs/user/view/cs_msg/5934 Cross-Browser APIs: Date: 2002-02-01 12:02:28: From: jtroiano You introduce an excellent means of dealing with the source of most web developer's gray hairs and ...
    • Mobile Web Development - Web developer guide | MDN

      developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/Guide/Mobile Mobile Web Development. In This Article. ... Optimizing images; Mobile APIs. Cross-browser development. Write cross-browser code; Take care with user agent sniffing;
    • Cross-Browser Extensions API? - Stack Overflow

      stackoverflow.com/questions/4913123/cross-browser-extensions-api There are tools for developing cross-platform browser plugins. Are there any similar tools or APIs for browser extensions (i.e. toolbars, or filter systems like AdBlock)?
    • WebExtensions/FAQ - MozillaWiki

      wiki.mozilla.org/WebExtensions/FAQ This FAQ, like WebExtensions, will be evolving over the coming weeks. ... In the middle are cross-browser APIs for content scripts, tabs, and windows.
    • Porting Chrome Extensions to Firefox with WebExtensions ...

      hacks.mozilla.org/.../porting-chrome-extensions-to-firefox-with-webextensions Porting Chrome Extensions to Firefox with WebExtensions. ... Our first releases will be focused on building a foundation of basic, well-supported, cross-browser APIs.
    • Cross Browser Testing | Test Automation Features | Rapise

      www.inflectra.com/Rapise/Highlights/Cross-Browser-Testing.aspx Cross Browser Testing. Rapise's cross-browser capabilities are world-class with support for multiple versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and ...
    • Projects/rekonq/Extensions - KDE TechBase

      techbase.kde.org/Projects/rekonq/Extensions Projects/rekonq/Extensions < Projectsā€ˇ | rekonq. Jump to: navigation, search. With ... Instead Rekonq should implement existing cross-browser APIs.