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    www.facebook.com/pages/Contemporary-Shamanism-Safe-Practices/292935910722027 Contemporary Shamanism (Safe Practices), Australia. 33,086 likes ยท 5,623 talking about this. Education, Counseling and Guidance On Safe Practices...
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    www.shamanscave.com/contemporary-shamanism/contemporary-shamanism These web pages are dedicated to the study and practice of contemporary shamanism. Shamanism Classes at Shamanscave. This is not a New Age site, nor does it concern ...
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    www.contemporaryshaman.net Safe practices in contemporary shamanism. Counseling Tools and inner journeys. Specializing in Sensitive issues: mental health issues, abuse and trauma. Books.
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      www.conts.com/shamanism.htm Contemporary Shamanism. Leo Rutherford . Picture by Joe Sinclair I call the work contemporary shamanism because whilst it is based on the teachings of the ancient ...
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      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neoshamanism Neoshamanism and its New Age relations tend to dismiss the ... Society of Shamanic Practitioners An example of Contemporary Shamanism Organizations; New religious ...
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      modernshamanism.org We created Modern Shamanism in order to share the unparalleled healing, self-help, personal growth and transformation found in shamanism with modern society.
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