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    stardate.org/nightsky/constellations How did the constellations get their names? Most constellation names are Latin in origin, dating from the Roman empire, but their meanings often originated in the ...
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    www.astro.wisc.edu/~dolan/constellations The Constellations and their Stars Infrared view of the center of our galaxy. What are constellations? Frequently Asked Questions. Constellations (alphabetical)
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    dustbunny.com/afk/constellations Constellations and Asterisms Constellations have been an important part of human society and folklore since we humans lived in caves, and, probably, even before then.
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      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Constellation In modern astronomy, a constellation is a specific area of the celestial sphere as defined by the International Astronomical Union (IAU). These areas mostly had their ...
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      www.dibonsmith.com/constel.htm The Constellations. Andromeda: Antlia The Air Pump Apus Bird of Paradise Aquarius Water Carrier Aquila The Eagle Ara The Altar Aries The Ram Auriga The Charioteer Boötes
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      www.astro.wisc.edu/~dolan/constellations/constellation_list.html Alphabetical listing of constellations . Andromeda ; Antlia ; Apus ; Aquarius ; Aquila ; Ara ; Aries ; Auriga ; Boötes ; Caelum ; Camelopardalis ; Cancer ; Canes ...
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      www.space.com/15722-constellations.html There are 13 popular constellations in the zodiac. But these are just some of the star constellations astronomers use to divide the sky.
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      stars.astro.illinois.edu/sow/const.html THE CONSTELLATIONS From Jim Kaler's STARS. This site is linked to Constellation Maps. The Constellations thanks more than 1.9 million visitors. A Brief Introduction
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      www.ducksters.com/science/physics/constellations.php Kids learn about the constellations in the science of astronomy. These stars that form patterns when viewed from the Earth have been studied since ancient times.
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      dictionary.reference.com/browse/constellation Constellation definition, any of various groups of stars to which definite names have been ... An area of the sky occupied by one of the 88 recognized constellations.