• Chronic Pain Syndromes - MoveForward

      www.moveforwardpt.com/SymptomsConditionsDetail.aspx Chronic pain is a condition that occurs when the brain concludes there is a threat to a person's well-being based on the many signals it receives from the body.
    • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Fact Sheet

      www.ninds.nih.gov/disorders/.../detail_reflex_sympathetic_dystrophy.htm What is complex regional pain syndrome? Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic pain condition most often affecting one of the limbs (arms, legs ...
    • What IS Chronic Pain Syndrome?

      www.chronicpainsyndrome.net/whats-chronic-pain-syndrome.html What IS Chronic Pain Syndrome? Chronic pain syndrome (CPS) is a very complex and challenging condition to many healthcare providers as it can have many different ...
    • Complex regional pain syndrome - Mayo Clinic

      www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/.../CON-20022844 Complex regional pain syndrome — Comprehensive overview covers diagnosis, treatment of this nervous system problem.