• Children’s Classes and Reading Groups - Public Libraries

    public-libraries.org/resources/library/childrens-classes-and-reading-groups When looking around for activities for your child, you can run into a lot of options. Some of those available programs won’t even interest your child.
  • Running children's reading clubs | Reading Agency

    readingagency.org.uk/children/practitioners-guides/running-chatterbooks.html Buy resources and get free support to help you run children's reading groups, developed using the expertise of librarians and teachers.
  • Chatterbooks | Reading Agency

    readingagency.org.uk/children/quick-guides/chatterbooks Reading for pleasure is more important to children's successes than education or social class. Chatterbooks reading clubs help children build a lifelong reading habit.
    • reading groups - RGfE

      readinggroups.org Welcome to Reading Groups for Everyone, the UK’s largest reading group network. Whether you’re already in a reading group, want to join one or looking to set one ...
    • Federation of Children's Book Groups | Bringing children and ...

      www.fcbg.org.uk The Federation of Children's Book Groups is a UK charity bringing children and books together, encouraging reading for pleasure.
    • About Our Age Groups | Parents | Scholastic.com

      www.scholastic.com/parents/resources/article/.../about-our-age-groups About Our Age Groups ... That’s why we divided the 100 Greatest Books for Kids into four age groups based on the reading experiences children have as they grow ...
    • Children's Reading Groups - Bournemouth

      www.bournemouth.gov.uk/Libraries/.../Childrensreadinggroups.aspx Chatterbooks. Chatterbooks is a national network for children’s reading groups. We have Chatterbooks reading groups at the following libraries:
    • Reading groups | Oxfordshire County Council

      www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/content/reading-groups Reading groups - also known as book groups - meet regularly to discuss books. They range from a few friends getting together to more organised groups set up in libraries.
    • Reading Groups | Haringey Council

      www.haringey.gov.uk/libraries-sport-and-leisure/libraries/.../reading-groups Children's Reading Groups Hornsey Library. Hornsey Children's Chatterbooks Reading Group Held fortnightly (date subject to change) at 2pm to 3pm; Marcus Garvey Library
    • Read about My Children’s Literature Reading Groups in the New ...

      gretchenrubin.com/.../read-about-my-childrens-literature-reading-groups-in-th... I’ve written about my children’s literature reading groups before — yes, groups. Along with friends, I’ve started THREE of these groups, and each one is a ...