• Social & Charitable Gambling

      dia.iowa.gov/scg The Social and Charitable Gambling Unit has administrative control for amusement games, contests, and casino nights operated in the state.
    • Charitable Gambling | Minnesota Council of Nonprofits

      www.minnesotanonprofits.org/nonprofit-resources/.../charitable-gambling-overview Charitable Gambling . Charitable gambling was introduced in Minnesota as a way for nonprofits registered with the IRS and the Office of the Minnesota’s Attorney ...
    • Charitable Gaming - VDACS

      www.vdacs.virginia.gov/gaming/index.shtml The Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs (OCRP) promotes the integrity of charitable gaming activities in the Commonwealth.
    • NYS Gaming Commission : Charitable Gaming

      gaming.ny.gov/charitablegaming Charitable gaming occurs in the form of bingo, bell jar sales, the conduct of Las Vegas nights, and operation of raffles in each of the 62 counties of New York.