• Champ, the Lake Champlain Monster

      www.paranormal-encyclopedia.com/c/champ Champ—An American Legend or a Real Live Lake Monster? Champ is a member of the elite group of creatures who share a common bond classed as cryptozoological animals.
    • Champ of Lake Champlain - The UnMuseum

      www.unmuseum.org/champ.htm Champ of Lake Champlain. People the world over have heard of "Nessie," the monster that supposedly inhabits Loch Ness in Scotland.
    • Lake Monsters: Champ

      www.strangemag.com/champ.html NESSIE and Other Lake Monsters by Mark Chorvinsky "CHAMP" of LAKE CHAMPLAIN. In July 1883, Sheriff Nathan H. Mooney looked off to the northwest part of New York's ...
    • The Measure of a Monster: Investigating the Champ Photo

      www.csicop.org/si/show/measure_of_a_monster_investigating_the_champ_photo The most famous photograph of a monster in Lake Champlain was taken in 1977. The photo sparked the modern age of Champ investigations and renewed national interest in ...
    • Lake Champlain’s “Champ” | Genesis Park

      www.genesispark.com/exhibits/evidence/cryptozoological/plesiosaurs/champ The famous photo of the Lake Champlain monster (to the right) was taken by Sandi Mansi in 1977 as her family was enjoying a picnic near the lake.
    • Lake Champlain Facts

      www.lclt.org/about-lake-champlain/lake-champlain-facts Fish: Lake Champlain has 81 species of fish and is considered one of the best bass fishing lakes in the United States, listed as number five by bassmaster.com.
    • Lake Champlain's Champ Monster - America's Loch Ness Monster ...

      champmonster.com Lake Champlain is home to a population of lake monsters named "Champ". Do you Believe? This site explores the history and recent sightings of Champ and other Cryptids ...