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    www.bravofleet.com PRESENT SIM YEAR: 2388. Welcome to the home of Bravo Fleet, one of the world’s largest and oldest Star Trek genre written role playing simulations groups.
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    wiki.bravofleet.com/index.php Welcome to the NEW Bravo Fleet Infobase. Our current simm year: 2388. Here at Bravo Fleet, we believe in giving our simmers a good base of information on which to ...
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    tf99.bravofleet.com TASK FORCE 99 INFO VIEW TASK FORCE 99 GAMES JOIN TASK FORCE 99. Task Force 99 provides a simmer's inventive spirit with the opportunity to explore, re-live, and ...
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      tf9.bravofleet.com TASK FORCE 9 INFO VIEW TASK FORCE 9 GAMES JOIN TASK FORCE 9. The Gamma Quadrant. Once ruthlessly dominated for a millennia by the Dominion, is now, for the time being ...
    • Bravo Fleet - Task Force 72

      tf72.bravofleet.com TASK FORCE 72 INFO VIEW TASK FORCE 72 GAMES JOIN TASK FORCE 72. S.E.N.T.I.N.E.L. (Sector Exploration and Necessary Tactical Interdiction Near Enemy Lines).
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      tf38.bravofleet.com TASK FORCE 38 INFO VIEW TASK FORCE 38 GAMES JOIN TASK FORCE 38 “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known” - Carl Sagan Since Neil Armstrong's first ...
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      forum.bravofleet.com Relay Station Bravo ... Simming is all about working together. Star Trek is about the same thing.
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      academy.bravofleet.com Welcome to Bravo Fleet Academy (the "Academy ”). The Academy is a new fleet service designed to enable Members to acquire the knowledge, skills and expertise ...
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      www.bravofleet.com It takes experienced players to lead a community, to help guide the development of new services, and create clear fleet canon. The Bravo Fleet Admiralty does this and ...
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      wiki.bravofleet.com/index.php Under Article II of the Bravo Fleet Constitution, by-laws may be created to define detailed rules and regulations for the fleet.