• W8UT's Boatanchor Radios

    www.boatanchors.org "Boatanchor Radios" I hope to show some interesting boatanchor radio equipment here, much of it I either own now or have owned in the not too distant past.
  • Boatanchor Pix - Ohio University

    www.ohio.edu/people/postr/bapix Boatanchor Pix "Boatanchor" is amateur radio slang for heavy old tube radio equipment. Originally derogatory, the term is now used affectionately.
  • DMOZ - Recreation: Radio: Amateur: Boatanchors

    www.dmoz.org/Recreation/Radio/Amateur/Boatanchors Boatanchors Amateur Radio Web Ring - Sites in the ring cover boatanchor topics; operating, restoring, building, buying and selling old tube radio equipment.
    • boatanchors - QSL.net

      www.qsl.net/wb1gfh/boatanchors.html Why Boatanchors ? by John Brewer WB5OAU Some may question the desire for 80 pound receivers and 100 pound transmitters, both with ...
    • AF4K's BA Directory - Boatanchors

      www.af4k.com/Boatanchors_Directory/BA_index.htm The largest boatanchors radio directory on the web, with over 1,000 links arranged by category
    • BoatAnchors - n4xy.com

      n4xy.com/boatanchors.html BoatAnchors. The term refers to older equipment-nominally using tubes. Personally, I set my own framework for the term because there is a lot of older ...
    • Antique Ham Radios AKA Boatanchors - Amateur radio

      ac6v.com/antique.htm ANTIQUE HAM RADIOS AKA BOAT ANCHORS Compiled By AC6V. For QUICK FIND -- USE YOUR BROWSER FIND COMMAND OR DO A Ctrl F, type in the sought after item. E.G.,
    • Boatanchors - EarthLink

      www.mindspring.com/~cacutts/radio/ba/ba.html What is a boatanchor? A boatanchor is what many people call "vintage tube communication equipment". This includes both military and commercial equipment.
    • Boatanchors - Northland Drifters

      northland-drifters.net Signals on the Move. We are a group of Radio Amateurs who enjoy restoring and using vintage radio gear. We like the challenge of acquiring, repairing ...
    • N5ARW Boatanchor Radios

      www.boatanchor.com Boatanchor Connectors Reference: K4XL Ken Grimm's BAMA (Boatanchor Manual Archive) BAMA Mirror site: WB4HFN Ron Baker's website A tremendous resource: Collins: