• How to Use Benchmarking in Business

    management.about.com/cs/benchmarking/a/Benchmarking.htm What is Benchmarking Benchmarking is the process of determining who is the very best, who sets the standard, and what that standard is. In baseball, you ...
  • Benchmarking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benchmarking Benchmarking is the process of comparing one's business processes and performance metrics to industry bests and best practices from other companies.
  • What is benchmarking? definition and meaning

    www.businessdictionary.com/definition/benchmarking.html This team was all about Benchmarking because they had three players that hit over forty home runs a season and they all competed with each other.
    • Management Tools - Benchmarking - Bain & Company

      www.bain.com/publications/articles/management-tools-benchmarking.aspx Benchmarking improves performance by identifying and applying best demonstrated practices to operations and sales.
    • Benchmarking Process & Learning Resources | ASQ

      asq.org/learn-about-quality/benchmarking/overview/overview.html Quality Glossary Definition: Benchmarking. Benchmarking is a technique in which a company measures its performance against that of best in class companies, determines ...
    • Benchmarking - Reference For Business

      www.referenceforbusiness.com/management/A-Bud/Benchmarking.html Benchmarking is the process through which a company measures its products, services, and practices against its toughest competitors, or those companies ...