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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bat%C3%A1_drum ... This is always inserted into Bata drums. People call it AYAN. See also. Francisco Aguabella; Julito Collazo; Frank Colón; Katherine Hagedorn; References
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    batadrumming.com/drums The Sacred Bata Drums (Aña) In Africa, the bata drums belonged to the kings and were only played for them. Until the last few decades in Cuba the drums were only ...
    • Bata Drums: Afro-Cuban Iya, Okonkolo, And Itotele

      www.cubauncensored.com/bata-drums Bata drums are a type of Afro-Cuban drum, which originated from the Yoruba people of West Africa, more specifically, Nigeria. Bata means drum in Yoruba, a language ...
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      cajonguide.com/bata-drums Bata Drums OVERVIEW Bata drums are hour glass shaped drums made from one solid piece of wood with one end being larger than the other. Similar to a more common djembe.
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      afrocubanbatadrums.com/instruments_bata.htm < Back to the Instruments Main Page. Ezequiel's Hand-Made Percussion Instruments Batá Drums. Batá Drums | ...
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      drumsonsale.com/world-percussion/bata-drums.html This item is likely not in stock in our primary warehouse, but may be available from another warehouse that can not supply us real time inventory.