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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automator_(software) Automator is an application developed by Apple Inc. for OS X that implements point-and-click (or drag and drop) creation of workflows for automating repetitive tasks ...
  • OS X Automation: Automator

    www.macosxautomation.com/automator AUTOMATOR. W hat is Automator? You know, that friendly robot icon from Launchpad and the Applications folder on my computer. Automator doesn’t look like the other ...
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    www.tekdefense.com/automater Automater. Other articles on Automater: Automater Output Format and Modifications; The Exensibility of Automater; Finally the New Automater Release is Out
    • Automatically sell codes and files - Automater

      automater.pl How Automater works? Automater will sell for you. Just configure your account and Automater will take it from here. Your customer buys item. Automater can be ...
    • Automator in Leopard

      www.automator.us/leopard/index.html Automator Podcast RSS. Video episodes describing the new features and abilities of Automator in Leopard. The iTunes podcasts are here
    • "Automator" for Windows - Jitbit

      www.jitbit.com/macro-recorder/automator-for-windows Jitbit Macro Recorder is an 'Automator for Windows' - a PC alternative to the popular Mac automation tool. Try the free trial
    • Automator - Downloads

      automator.us/downloads.html Download 01: Temporary Storage Actions v1.1. A set of actions for storing and retrieving data during the execution of an Automator workflow. Options: Set the action ...