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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthropod An arthropod (from Greek arthro-, joint + podos, foot) is an invertebrate animal having an exoskeleton (external skeleton), a segmented body, and jointed appendages.
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    evolution.berkeley.edu/evolibrary/article/_0/arthropods_01 What is an arthropod? We're going to take a closer look at this amazing group of animals called arthropods. You are familiar with a wide variety of arthropods from ...
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    animals.about.com/od/arthropods/p/arthropoda.htm Arthropods (Arthropoda) are a highly-successful group of invertebrate animals that includes centipedes, millipedes, spiders, mites, horseshoe crabs ...
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      www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/arthropoda/arthropoda.html Introduction to the Arthropoda. . . the REAL rulers of the Earth. . . By nearly any measure, the most successful animals on the planet are the arthropods.
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      www.britannica.com/animal/arthropod Arthropod, any member of the phylum Arthropoda, the largest phylum in the animal kingdom, which includes such familiar forms as lobsters, crabs, spiders, mites ...
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      www.kidzone.ws/animals/arthropod1.htm Fun animal facts for kids learning about arthropods
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      www.thefreedictionary.com/arthropod Define arthropod. arthropod synonyms, arthropod pronunciation, arthropod translation, ... Arthropods are the largest phylum in the animal kingdom. arthropod.
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      www.encyclopedia.com/topic/Arthropoda.aspx Arthropoda. The phylum Arthropoda is the largest and most varied in the animal kingdom. It includes well over one million described species. This represents ...
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      www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Arthropod Arthropods (phylum Arthropoda) are the largest phylum of animals and include the insects, arachnids, and crustaceans, as well as millipedes and centipedes, among others.
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      dictionary.reference.com/browse/arthropods noun 1. any invertebrate of the phylum Arthropoda, having a segmented body, jointed limbs, and usually a chitinous shell that undergoes moltings, including the ...