• Application Areas | Kratos

    www.kratos.com/application-areas Application Areas. Application Note Downloads. Here you can download applications notes with data generated using Kratos AXIS spectrometers.
  • Application Areas - Department of Transportation

    www.standards.its.dot.gov/LearnAboutStandards/ApplicationAreas About ITS Standards Application Areas. Application areas are deployment-oriented categories that focus on commonly deployed ITS services or systems.
  • Application areas | DELO

    www.delo-adhesives.com/us/applications Cutting-edge industrial adhesives for miniaturization, electronics or plastics processing. Rely on one of the industry's leaders: DELO!
    • Application Areas - Philips Photonics

      www.photonics.philips.com/application-areas Application Areas. Philips Photonics VCSEL solutions are key components that drive and enable a number of fast growing markets.
    • IMRA Application Areas

      www.imra.com/applications/application-areas IMRA’s Femtosecond Fiber Lasers can be used in a broad range of fields, including Materials Processing, Biomedical, and Imaging and Spectroscopy.
    • Bircher Reglomat: Application Areas | Bircher Reglomat's ...

      reglomat.bircher.com/us/application-areas Bircher Reglomat's sensors can be used for a variety of safety and activation sensing applications including pedestrian door activation and safety, industrial door ...
    • SMAP: Application Areas

      smap.jpl.nasa.gov/science/applications The SMAP application areas directly addressed by SMAP measurements of soil moisture and freeze/thaw state, acquired globally and at high spatial and temporal ...
    • Application areas: Dallmeier

      www.dallmeier.com/en/products/cameras/.../application-areas.html Application areas Depending on the area of application, different Panomera ® models are available: whether for expansive wide areas, long distance areas or ...
    • Structural Engineering Software for Dynamic Analysis - dlubal.com

      www.dlubal.com/en-US/solutions/.../dynamic-and-seismic-analysis-software Dynamic Analysis of Structures. Typical application areas for dynamic analysis are seismic design, vibration design of buildings, calculation of machine foundations ...
    • RITA | ITS | Application Area Definitions

      www.itsbenefits.its.dot.gov/its/benecost.nsf/ByInfo/WhatIsAppAreas Application Area Definitions. Application Area. Definition. Intelligent Transportation Systems. Arterial Management. Arterial management systems manage traffic along ...