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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alpha_Delta_Phi The Fraternity is a retronym used now to distinguish the all-male Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity from the co-ed Alpha Delta Phi Society (discussed below).
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    www.alphadeltaphi.org/AboutUs/Chapters/tabid/59/agentType/.../Default.aspx Chapters of the Alpha Delta Phi Fraternity. Includes short blurbs on each chapters history.
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    www.alphadelt.org Alpha Delta Phi has been a premier fraternity at the University of Washington for over 100 years. Come explore the history and quality individuals that make up this ...
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      www.alphadeltaphimn.org Samuel Eells, the provident founder of Alpha Delta Phi, most eloquently expressed the principle purpose of the fraternity. It was his intent that "this new
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      www.apd.org Alpha Phi Delta is an Italian Heritage Fraternity; it was founded at Syracuse University on November 5 1914. Since its founding, over 20,000 men have become brothers ...
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      www.umich.edu/~adphi/ADPhi/Welcome.html Alpha Delta Phi is a literary fraternity with a focus on moral, social and intellectual values. We work on developing relationships between our members that will last ...