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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcopop Alcopop (or cooler in Canadian English or spirit cooler in South African English) is a colloquial term describing certain flavored alcoholic beverages with relatively ...
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    www.prairieview.net/Alcopops.htm Cool, refreshing, sweet - and alcoholic. The alcoholic drink of choice for underage teens – especially girls – is deceptively appealing.
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_alcopops Alcopop (or cooler in Canadian English or spirit cooler in South Africa) is a colloquial term describing certain flavored alcoholic beverages, including:
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      www.menstuff.org/issues/byissue/alcopops.html Low taxes also help keep the price point low and the youth ... alcopops and less alcohol in total if they were aware of the high calorie content of alcopops.
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      www.youthbingedrinking.org/facts/d_alcopops.html Home-|Facts On Adolescent Binge Drinking | Strategies & Approaches | What You Can Do | Resources & Links . Definition: What is Binge Drinking
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      alcoholjustice.org/campaigns/.../9-alcopops-frequently-asked-questions.html Alcopops are sweet, often fruit-flavored or fizzy alcoholic drinks. They closely resemble soda or energy drinks, and many contain up to 12% ABV.
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      www.barnonedrinks.com/tips/dictionary/a/alcopop-106.html Alcopop is a beverage with quite an unusual name. However, once you know the meaning, it makes a lot of sense. The word is derived from the combination of alcohol and ...
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      www.thefreedictionary.com/Alcopop The FTC needs to smack down the rest of the alcopop industry, and state and local governments need to ban sales or severely restrict these youth-endangering products.
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      www.bbc.com/news/magazine-23502892 Two decades ago alcopops caused a wave of concern that led to increased taxes and new regulations for drinks makers. Was the panic justified?
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      simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcopop Alcopops are alcoholic drinks. They are also known as Ready-to-drink (RTD), Flavored Alcoholic Beverage (FAB) or Flavored Malt Beverage (FMB). They are usually ...