• Veselovskýite: Mineral information, data and localities.

    www.mindat.org/min-29007.html In honor of Dr. František Veselovský (born 1948), an outstanding Czech mineralogist with the Czech Geological Survey, who described several new minerals from the Jáchymov ore district.
  • Veselovskyite Mineral Data

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  • Veselovskyite, triclinic (Zn,Cu,Co)Cu-4(AsO4)(2)(AsO3OH)(2 ...

    www.researchgate.net/.../233546733_Veselovskyite_triclinic_ZnCuCoCu-4AsO42AsO... Request PDF on ResearchGate | Veselovskyite, triclinic (Zn,Cu,Co)Cu-4(AsO4)(2)(AsO3OH)(2) center dot 9H(2)O, a Zn-dominant analogue of lindackerite | Veselovskýite, (Zn,Cu,Co)Cu4(AsO4)2(AsO3OH)2 ...
  • Hloušekite, (Ni,Co)Cu-4(AsO4)(2)(AsO3OH)(2)(H2O)(9), a new ...

    is.muni.cz/publication/1228834 Hloušekite, (Ni,Co)Cu-4(AsO4)(2)(AsO3OH)(2)(H2O)(9), is a new supergene arsenate mineral from the Geister vein (Rovnost mine), Jachymov (St Joachimsthal), Western Bohemia, Czech Republic. It was found along with veselovskyite, pradetite, lavendulan, arsenolite, babanekite and gypsum on the surface of strongly altered ore fragments containing ...
  • Arsenate minerals - Wikipedia

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arsenate_mineral Arsenate minerals usually refer to the naturally occurring orthoarsenates, possessing the (AsO 4) 3− anion group and, more rarely, other arsenates with anions like AsO 3 (OH) 2− (also written HAsO 4 2−) (example: pharmacolite Ca(AsO 3 OH). 2H 2 O) or (very rarely) [AsO 2 (OH) 2] − (example: andyrobertsite). Arsenite minerals are much less common. Both the Dana and the Strunz mineral ...
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    rruff-2.geo.arizona.edu/index.php/r=lookup_minerals/letter=v/.../id_field= a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z Bold - RRUFF samples.BoldItalic - other samples.Italic - pending samples.: v Vaesite: Vanthoffite: Verbeekite ...
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    www.dict.cc/english-german/%5BCo%5D.html dict.cc English-German Dictionary: Translation for [Co]
  • Carsten Slotta's Photo Gallery - mindat.org

    www.mindat.org/gallery-34266.html The prominent, transparent crystals in the center are veselovskyite associated with bluish crystal clusters of slavkovite (upper left side) and tabular silky green crystals of hlousekite (bottom and right side). Analyzed by Dr. Jakub Plasil. Picture taken with Zeiss Discovery V20 & Plan Apo S 3.5 x mono objective.
  • Lindackerite Mineral Data

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  • Classification of non-silicate minerals - Wikipedia

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classification_of_non-silicate_minerals This list gives an overview of the classification of non-silicate minerals and includes mostly IMA recognized minerals and its groupings. This list complements the alphabetical list on List of minerals (complete) and List of minerals.Rocks, ores, mineral mixtures, not IMA approved minerals, not named minerals are mostly excluded.