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    www.variscite.com For the past 15 years, Variscite has developed, designed and manufactured high-quality System on Modules, consistently setting market benchmarks in terms of reliability, performance, and price.Today Variscite is the leading ARM-based System on Module (SoM) vendor, servicing thousands of satisfied customers worldwide, targeting numerous embedded end products and applications.
  • Variscite - A rare mineral and gem material

    geology.com/minerals/variscite.shtml Variscite is a hydrated aluminum phospate mineral that is sometimes used to produce gemstones for collectors and jewelry. It is often confused with turquoise, but gemologists can easily tell them apart.
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    www.variscite.com/products We design our products to last. Variscite is doing its best to use leading chip vendors for its products in order to ensure at least 7-15 years longevity for its products based on the commitment provided by the chip vendors.
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Variscite Variscite is a hydrated aluminium phosphate mineral (Al P O 4 ·2H 2 O).It is a relatively rare phosphate mineral. It is sometimes confused with turquoise; however, variscite is usually greener in color.
  • Variscite: Mineral information, data and localities.

    www.mindat.org/min-4156.html Variscite-Strengite Series. The orthorhombic dimorph of Metavariscite. Pseudo-tetragonal-dipyramidal crystals may be confused with wardite.
  • Variscite: The mineral variscite information and pictures

    www.minerals.net/mineral/variscite.aspx Variscite is an important phosphate mineral that is best-known in different shades of green. A highly desired form of this mineral are the exceptional nodules from Utah which are cut and polished as slabs or halves of nodules. These formations are usually associated with other phosphates and have interesting veins and color habits. Variscite may alter into other phosphate minerals, especially ...
  • Variscite Gemstone Information - GemSelect

    www.gemselect.com/gem-info/variscite/variscite-info.php Variscite is a hydrated aluminum phosphate. It has a hardness rating of 4.5 on the Mohs scale, which makes it slightly softer than turquoise. It has a density of 2.42 to 2.58 and a refractive index of 1.563 to 1.594.
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    www.bernardine.com/gemstones/variscite.htm Variscite Facts, Information and Description: Variscite is a relatively rare phosphate mineral that is sometimes confused with chrysocolla or the greener forms of turquoise. Colors are light bluish green, medium and dark greens.
  • Variscite Meaning & Use: Brings Peace & Harmony, Relieves Stress

    www.healing-crystals-for-you.com/variscite.html Variscite helps stress & anxiety, brings joy, compassion & loving energy. Helps you discover past lives & find solutions to problems with trust in spirit. Beneficial for invalids or carers feeling despair about their illness.
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    shop.variscite.com The online store provides an easy & fast way to buy Variscite's feature products: System on Modules & Evaluation kits based on NXP, TI & Qualcomm processors