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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tongbaite Tongbaite is a rare mineral that has the chemical formula Cr 3 C 2, or chromium carbide.. It was first described in 1983 for an occurrence in Liu village, Tongbai County (桐柏县), Henan Province, China and named for the locality. It occurs in an ultramafic rock deposit. It has also been reported from the Tibet Autonomous Region and from the Isovsky District in the Urals of Russia.
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    webmineral.com/data/Tongbaite.shtml Tongbaite Crystallography: Axial Ratios: a:b:c =0.4856:1:0.2455 : Cell Dimensions: a = 5.57, b = 11.47, c = 2.816, Z = 4; V = 179.91 Den(Calc)= 6.65
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    www.yourdictionary.com/tongbaite tongbaite definition: Noun 1. (mineralogy) An orthorhombic-dipyramidal light brownish yellow mineral containing carbon and chromium.Origin -ite...
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    www.mindat.org/min-3994.html Search for Tongbaite on Well-Arranged Molecules. Localities for TongbaiteHide. This map shows a selection of localities that have latitude and longitude coordinates recorded. Click on the symbol to view information about a locality. The symbol next to localities in the list can be used to jump ...
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    en.wiktionary.org/wiki/tongbaite tongbaite An orthorhombic-dipyramidal light brownish yellow mineral containing carbon and chromium. References “Tongbaite” in David Barthelmy, Webmineral Mineralogy Database, 1997–. Anagrams . beating to, tobeating
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    webmin.mindat.org/data/Tongbaite.shtml General Tongbaite Information : Chemical Formula: Cr3C2 : Composition: Molecular Weight = 180.01 gm Chromium 86.66 % Cr: Carbon 13.34 % C: 100.00 % : Empirical ...
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    www.definitions.net/definition/tongbaite Definition of tongbaite in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of tongbaite. Information and translations of tongbaite in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
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    www.handbookofmineralogy.org/pdfs/tongbaite.pdf Tongbaite Cr3C2 c 2001-2005 Mineral Data Publishing, version 1 Crystal Data: Orthorhombic. Point Group: 2/m2/m2/m. Prismatic, pseudohexagonal crystals, to 0.3 mm, may have spearhead-shaped terminations.
  • Chromium(II) carbide - Wikipedia

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chromium(II)_carbide Chromium(II) carbide is a ceramic compound that exists in several different chemical compositions: Cr 3 C 2, Cr 7 C 3,and Cr 23 C 6.At standard conditions it exists as a gray solid. It is extremely hard and corrosion resistant. It is also a refractory compound, which means that it retains its strength at high temperatures as well. These properties make it useful as an additive to metal alloys.
  • mp-20937: Cr3C2 (orthorhombic, Pnma, 62)

    www.materialsproject.org/materials/mp-20937 Cr3C2 crystallizes in the orthorhombic Pnma space group. The structure is three-dimensional. there are three inequivalent Cr+2.67+ sites. In the first Cr+2.67+ site, Cr+2.67+ is bonded in a 2-coordinate geometry to five C4- atoms. There are a spread of Cr–C bond distances ranging from 2.02–2.58 Å. In the second Cr+2.67+ site, Cr+2.67+ is bonded to five C4- atoms to form a mixture of ...