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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Switzerite Switzerite is a mineral with the chemical formula of (Mn) 3 (PO 4) 2 ·7H 2 O. The mineral was named after George Switzer, former Curator of Minerals at the US National Museum. The mineral is monoclinic prismatic, meaning that it has one mirror plane, one 2-fold rotation axis which is perpendicular to the mirror plane and a center of symmetry.
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    www.mindat.org/min-3848.html Switzerite rapidly and irreversibly dehydrates in air within minutes to Metaswitzerite which contains only 4 water molecules per formula unit. All "switzerites" in collections should be considered metaswitzerites, unless there is some analytical evidence to the contrary.
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    switzerite.blogspot.com Switzerite Integration and places of intersection of Waldorf ideas with traditional approaches, homeschooling, Montessori and Reggio methods, and academia. Linked to waldorfcurriculum.com.
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    switzerite.blogspot.com/2016/06/breaking-down-skills-needed-to-write.html Breaking Down the Skills Needed to Write a Research Paper Dinner tonight was Easy Grapefruit Corn and Mint Salad and we discovered that Zac loves avocados! It is a nice summery raw & vegan salad, although I suppose that serving it along venison steaks, as I did, removes some of the vegan-ness from the meal as a whole.
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    webmineral.com/data/Switzerite.shtml Switzerite Crystallography: Axial Ratios: a:b:c =0.6477:1:0.8971 : Cell Dimensions: a = 8.528, b = 13.166, c = 11.812, Z = 4; beta = 110.05° V = 1,245.87 Den(Calc)= 2.57
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    www.dakotamatrix.com/products/25089/switzerite Switzerite - Peraly pinkish white strands of Switzerite to 2mm with Hureaulite. . This and many more mineral specimens are available for sale at Dakota Matrix Minerals.
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    www.definitions.net/definition/switzerite Definition of switzerite in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of switzerite. What does switzerite mean? Information and translations of switzerite in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
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    www.dakotamatrix.com/mineralpedia/8034/switzerite Switzerite is a fairly rare mineral at the Tip Top mine. The Switzerite on this specimen occurs in a 2-3mm area. Click thumbnail images for larger view. Switzerite from Foote mine, Cleveland Co., North Carolina, United States Brassy brown platy, flat-lying crystals to 3mm with dark blue scales of Vivianite. ...
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    webmineral.com/data/Metaswitzerite.shtml Fanfani L , Zanazzi P F , Tschermaks Mineralogische und Petrographische Mitteilungen , 26 (1979) p.255-269, Switzerite: its chemical formula and crystal structure, Locality: North Carolina, Note: could not reproduce Wat18 bond lengths, Note: IMA official name of this phase changed from switzerite
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    www.yourdictionary.com/switzerite switzerite definition: Noun 1. (mineralogy) A monoclinic-prismatic mineral containing hydrogen, iron, manganese, oxygen, and phosphorus.Origin -ite...