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      people.howstuffworks.com/reincarnation.htm Reincarnation, also called transmigration or metempsychosis, is the concept that the soul, or some aspect of the soul, is reborn into new lives.
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      www.near-death.com/reincarnation.html This is a link directory of articles on the subject of reincarnation as related to near-death experiences.
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      www.catholic.com/tracts/reincarnation Members of what is commonly called the "New Age" movement often claim that early Christians believed in reincarnation. Shirley MacLaine, an avid New Age disciple ...
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      www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Reincarnation Reincarnation (from Latin meaning "to be made flesh again") in religion and philosophy refers to the belief that a part of a living being survives death to be reborn ...
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      www.allaboutspirituality.org/reincarnation.htm Reincarnation. Reincarnation: Its Background Reincarnation comes from the Hindu-buddhist philosophy of soul transmigration. This is the "religious" concept of the ...
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      www.buddhanet.net/e-learning/reincarnation.htm Article by Takashi Tsuji on the misconceptions surrounding the Buddhist teachings of reincarnation.
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      buddhism.about.com/od/karmaandrebirth/a/reincarnation.htm Would you be surprised to hear that reincarnation is not a doctrine of Buddhism? If so, be surprised -- it isn't.