• Module: RSS (Ruby 2.0.0)

      ruby-doc.org/stdlib-2.0.0/libdoc/rss/rdoc/RSS.html Module : RSS - Ruby 2.0.0 ... rss.rb; rss/0.9.rb; rss/1.0.rb; rss/2.0.rb; rss/atom.rb; rss/content.rb; rss/content/1.0.rb
    • RSS 2.0 - MoodleDocs

      docs.moodle.org/dev/RSS_2.0 Objectives. The goals of RSS 2.0: Provide the means to secure RSS feeds; Present users with different versions of the same feed depending on their permissions
    • RSS 2.0 Module Support for XML Aggregator

      frontier.userland.com/rss2ModuleSupportForXmlAggregator RSS 2.0 Module Support for XML Aggregator. Posted by Jake Savin, 10/9/02 at 8:57:44 PM. Today we released changes to Frontier and Radio UserLand's built-in RSS ...
    • RSS Module - Sitecore Marketplace

      marketplace.sitecore.net/en/Modules/RSS_Module.aspx This module will remain available for existing installations. We recommend all new installations to use the native RSS support.
    • RSS 2.0 specification - World Wide Web Consortium

      validator.w3.org/feed/docs/rss2.html In RSS 2.0, a provision is made for linking a channel to its identifier in a cataloging system, ... Subsequent work should happen in modules, using namespaces, ...
    • Connect Daily RSS 2.0 Module - MH Software

      www.mhsoftware.com/cdailyModule.htm cdaily RSS 2.0 Module This page documents the Connect Daily RSS 2.0 custom module. The purpose of this module is to provide additional Connect Daily data ...
    • RawVoice RSS - RawVoice

      www.rawvoice.com/services/.../rawvoice-rss-2-0-module-xmlns-namespace-rss2 “RawVoice RSS” Specification Version 1.3. An RSS module that supplements the <enclosure> element function of RSS 2.0 as well as extend Apple iTunes RSS (e.g ...