• Quagi - Antennas: Quagi - The DXZone Amateur-Radio Guide

    www.dxzone.com/catalog/Antennas/Quagi 2 Meter 10 Element Quagi Antenna - This antenna was designed by N6JSX Kuby for Transmitter hiding. Fitting the requirements of directionality, high gain, and portability.
  • Quagi - Amateur-radio-wiki

    www.amateur-radio-wiki.net/index.php The VHF Quagi from an article by Wayne Overbeck, K6YNB in QST April 1977; "Building a 440MHz Quagi" description is from Gary Bonnor - VK4ZGB
  • The Quagi Antenna Turns 40 - N6NB

    n6nb.com/quagi.htm The Quagi Antenna Turns 40. By Wayne Overbeck, N6NB www.n6nb.com. It has been 40 years since the VHF-UHF Quagi antenna--a combination of the desirable features of a ...
    • QUAGI Download - softpedia

      www.softpedia.com/get/Science-CAD/QUAGI.shtml This application was designed for those who want to learn about QUAGI antennas. The quagi may be the best of two worlds. It has the yagis gain and the ...
    • Long-Boom Quagi - QSL.net

      www.qsl.net/xe1cdx/Hamdocs/270/The%20Long-Boom%20Quagi.pdf The Long-Boom Quagi What, you're not on 432 yet? If it's the need for an antenna that's stopping you, you've got the green light now — this
    • The W5UN 2 Meter QUAGI 97 - Ham Radio Library

      www.iw5edi.com/ham-radio The W5UN Quagi 97 is a computer optimized quagi derived from the original W5UN Quagi of the early 1980s. The length of the 1997 model has been deliberately shortened ...
    • 2 Meter 10 Element Quagi Antenna - Tripod.com

      kk5bl.tripod.com/quagi.html Two Meter 10 element Quagi (beam) Antenna This antenna was designed for "T"ransmitter hiding. Fitting the requirements of directionality, high gain, and portability.
    • Quagi Antennas - AA1ZB

      aa1zb.net/Antennas/Quagi/Quagi.html A Quagi antenna is a variation on the venerable Uda-Yagi, which dates back 1926. A Quagi antenna uses the same strategy as a Uda-Yagi, using a refltector, a driven ...
    • Quagi Language Centre - Scuola di inglese a Trapani

      quagi.org Quagi Language Centre, scuola di Inglese a Trapani. Organizza corsi di inglese per tutti i livelli, corsi per business, corsi per turismo
    • IK1HGE 432MHz 8el. Quagi Antenna - QSL.net

      www.qsl.net/ik1hge/homebrew/homebrew.html Vai alla versione in italiano. Go to the up-to-date Quagi page on ik1hge.com. IK1HGE 432Mhz Quagi. Because of the several pictures, the complete download of this page ...