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  • Black or White? Actor Fiennes cast to play singer Michael Jackson

    Lycos News27 Jan 2016

    (Reuters) - British actor Joseph Fiennes has been cast as iconic African-American pop star Michael Jackson in an upcoming TV comedy, provoking scorn on social media on Wednesday and fueling a controversy in the entertainment industry over opportunities for black artists.

    • Propofol - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Propofol marketed as Diprivan among others, is a short-acting medication that results in a decreased level of consciousness and lack of memory for events. [2]
    • Propofol: Expert Q&A Propofol is a strong anesthetic that's used for surgery, some medical exams, and for sedation for people on ventilators -- never as a sleep aid. It's given by IV and ...
    • Propofol - National Institutes of Health Introduction . Propofol is the mostly commonly used parenteral anesthetic agent in the United States, extensively used for minor and outpatient surgical ...