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    e-rocks.com/item/mtr798336/paraniite-y Fianel, Ausserferrera, Ferrera Valley, Hinterrhein, Grisons, Switzerland - Plenty of glassy yellow crystals of rare paraniite-Y in matrix. Analyzed. Ex Dieter Nickolay.
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    www.fluomin.org/uk/fiche.php PARANIITE-(Y) Chemical Formula: Ca 2 Y(AsO 4)(WO 4,MoO 4) 2. Familly: Tungstates, Molybdates. Status: IMA-A. Crystal System: Tetragonal. Mineral for Display: No. Luminescence: UV Type Main color Intensity Observation Frequency; Short Waves (254 nm): Orangy yellow: Medium .
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    www.mindat.org/gm/7215 Typical bipyramidal crystals with rounded edges of paraniite-(Y), cream-yellow in colour, on a matrix mainly consisting of hematite. No analysis has been done on these crystals, but visual properties and paragenesis match the species and resemble photos published in: Bracco, R., Castellaro, F., Ciuffardi, M., Odicino, G. (2009) Paraniite-(Y) ed ...
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    athena.unige.ch/athena/mineral/images/paraniitey1_fianel.html "Large" Paraniite-(Y) inclusion in scheelite-powellite from the Fianel mine, Val Ferrera, Grisons, Switzerland, the second occurrence for this mineral (type locality: Alpe Devero, Valle d'Ossola, Piemonte, Italy). The sub-microscopic crystal grew at the junction of three (numbered) scheelite-powellite subgrains.
  • Paraniite-(Y) Ca2Y(AsO4)(WO4 MoO4 2

    www.handbookofmineralogy.org/pdfs/paraniite-(Y).pdf Paraniite-(Y) Ca2Y(AsO4)(WO4,MoO4)2 c 2001-2005 Mineral Data Publishing, version 1 Crystal Data: Tetragonal. Point Group: 4/m. Rough crystals, to 3 mm, are elongated bipyramids.
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    e-rocks.com/items/auction/1380982/nothern-minerals-03-sep-10-sep-2020 Paraniite-(Y) Fianel, Ausserferrera, Ferrera Valley, Hinterrhein, Grisons, Switzerland. Thumbnail (1-3cm) $ You are the highest bidder. You have been outbid. Proxy bid set $ Delayed bid of $ Delayed Bid is Outbid. Sold. Bid. Watch. bids (reserve not met) (reserve met) HEF797771. Perite.
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    e-rocks.com/items/auction/1382912/mintreasure-08-sep-14-sep-2020 Coronel Manuel Rodríguez Mine, Mejillones Peninsula, Antofagasta Province, Antofagasta Region, Chile