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      bpsk31.com PSK31 Guide. Welcome to bpsk31.com, your definitive resource for PSK31 station setup and operation. We invite you to sign up for our email discussion list where you ...
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      www.mymorninglight.org/ham/psk.htm WHAT IS PSK31? "PSK" stands for Phase-Shift-Keying. 31 means 31Hz. It is a really great digital mode! UPDATED: 8/5/2015 The URL of this page is: www.mymorninglight ...
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      www.youtube.com/watch I will show you how to get Digipan up and running in a few minutes receiving PSK31 without needing any interface boxes or cables. I have even uploaded a ...
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      psk31.software.informer.com/software Psk31 Software Informer. Featured Psk31 free downloads and reviews. Latest updates on everything Psk31 Software related.
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      www.psk31.org This site contains the latest news about PSK31. It updates automatically, all the time. Feel free to return any time you would like. Also check out more news here!
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      www.arrl.org/psk31-spec 1. INTRODUCTION. PSK31 is a digital communications mode which is intended for live keyboard-to-keyboard conversations, similar to radioteletype.
    • PSK31--Has RTTY's Replacement Arrived? - arrl.org

      www.arrl.org/psk31-has-rtty-s-replacement-arrived Operating PSK31 in the QPSK mode will give you 100% copy under most conditions, but there is a catch. Tuning is twice as critical with QPSK as it is with BPSK.