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    www.mindat.org/min-2981.html Olivenite Group. Adamite-Olivenite Series. Libethenite-Olivenite Series. The copper analogue of Adamite. May be confused with Zincolivenite which is a chemically and structurally distinct species with a defined ratio of Zn:Cu. Note: The designations 'Zincolivenite' or 'Zinc-olivenite' were also used for Zn-bearing olivenites with unspecified Zn:Cu ratios prior to the recognition and approval ...
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olivenite Olivenite is a copper arsenate mineral, formula Cu 2 As O 4 OH.It crystallizes in the monoclinic system (pseudo-orthorhombic), and is sometimes found in small brilliant crystals of simple prismatic habit terminated by domal faces. More commonly, it occurs as globular aggregates of acicular crystals, these fibrous forms often having a velvety luster; sometimes it is lamellar in structure, or ...
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    www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/olivenite Olivenite definition is - a mineral Cu2(AsO4)(OH) consisting of a basic arsenate of copper that is olive green, dull brown, or yellowish in color.
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    www.thefreedictionary.com/olivenite Define olivenite. olivenite synonyms, olivenite pronunciation, olivenite translation, English dictionary definition of olivenite. n. A mineral, Cu2 , a basic arsenate of copper, that is brown, olive green, or gray in color and found in copper deposits. n a green to black rare secondary...
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    www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/olivenite Olivenite definition: a green to black rare secondary mineral consisting of hydrated basic copper arsenate in... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
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    www.galleries.com/Olivenite Olivenite is a rare secondary copper mineral that is noted for its deep olive green color, hence the name. It is found in deeply weathered, highly concentrated copper sulfide ore bodies. Olivenite is isostructural with the minerals libethenite, Cu2PO4(OH) and adamite, Zn2AsO4(OH). This means that they share the same symmetry and crystal shapes.
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    www.webmineral.com/data/Olivenite.shtml Olivenite Arsenogoyazite Comments: White micro-botryoids of arsenogoyazite with light green acicular crystal sprays of olivenite and dark green malachite on brown limonite. Location: Centennial Eureka Mine, Juab County, Utah.
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    webmin.mindat.org/data/Olivenite.shtml PE Olivenite = 38.64 barns/electron U=PE Olivenite x rElectron Density= 162.20 barns/cc. Radioactivity: GRapi = 0 (Gamma Ray American Petroleum Institute Units) Olivenite is Not Radioactive : Olivenite Classification: Dana Class: Anhydrous Phosphates, etc. Containing Hydroxyl or Halogen : where (A)2 (XO4) Zq : Olivenite Group
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    www.mindat.org/min-2394.html Olivenite Group. Libethenite-Olivenite Series. Compare zincolibethenite. Libethenite is a secondary copper phosphate mineral found in the oxidized zone of copper ore deposits. The phosphate is often derived from the weathering of apatite and other rock-forming phosphates such as monazite and xenotime.
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olivine The mineral olivine (/ ˈ ɒ l ɪ ˌ v iː n /) is a magnesium iron silicate with the formula (Mg 2+, Fe 2+) 2 Si O 4.Thus, it is a type of nesosilicate or orthosilicate.The primary component of the Earth's upper mantle, it is a common mineral in Earth's subsurface, but weathers quickly on the surface.. The ratio of magnesium to iron varies between the two endmembers of the solid solution ...