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      www.w8ji.com/windom_off_center_fed.htm revised some wording 1/11/2010. The modern common Windom antenna is not an original single-wire fed Windom, but rather an off-center-fed or "OCF" two wire feed dipole.
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      www.ni4l.com/ocf-dipole-antenna-windom-hf The Off-Center-Fed Dipole is a Dipole whose feedpoint is at a point removed from the center of the antenna. This is a popular antenna design as the performance is ...
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      radiowavz.us/html/dx_ocf_windom.html The RadioWavz DX (OCF) Windom is a off center fed (OCF) dipole antenna that exhibits outstanding performance on all bands.
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      www.ni4l.com/ocf-dipole-7-band-80-6-meters-antenna Posted by Harold Yuan on 6th Apr 2015 1) Hoisted the 7-band OCF dipole up about 30 to 35 ft high between the front yard tree and the backyard tree.
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      www.radiowavz.com/dx-ocfd-the-new-carolina-windom B uilt to last! Engineered to out preform! RadioWavz Wire antennas are the simplest practical antennas from a theoretical point of view; current amplitude on such an ...