• Nordite-(Ce) Mineral Data

    webmineral.com/data/Nordite-%28Ce%29.shtml Analog to the La-dominant nordite-(La) which was named after the word for north because of its northern origin in the Lovozero Massif. Name Pronunciation: Nordite-(Ce) Nordite-(Ce) Image: Images: Nordite-(Ce) Comments: Brownish rosette of nordite-(Ce) with visible single crystal morphology. Associated minerals are white etched natrosilite and ...
  • Nordite-(La) Mineral Specimen For Sale

    www.dakotamatrix.com/products/12463/nordite-la Nordite-(La) - A 3mm grain ofNordite-(La) with a vial lanthanum oxide.Nordite-(La) is rare and occurs in just three localities worldwide. . This and many more mineral specimens are available for sale at Dakota Matrix Minerals.
  • Nordite-(Ce): Mineral information, data and localities.

    www.mindat.org/min-2928.html The zinc analogue of Ferronordite-(Ce) and Manganonordite-(Ce). The cerium analogue of Nordite-(La). Related to Meieranite.
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    webmineral.com/data/Nordite-(La).shtml Short-cut icons Legend; B: Valid Species (Bold) - All Minerals that are IMA approved or were considered valid prior to 1959 are in bold type. Pronunciation Icon - Sound file Courtesy Photo Atlas of Minerals. Mineral Image Icon - Mineral image is present for this mineral.
  • Nordite-(La) (Na Mn)3(Sr Ca)(La Ce)(Zn Mg)Si6O17

    www.handbookofmineralogy.org/pdfs/nordite-(La).pdf Nordite-(La) (Na;Mn)3(Sr; Ca)(La;Ce)(Zn;Mg)Si6O17 °c 2001 Mineral Data Publishing, version 1.2 Crystal Data: Orthorhombic; may be metamict. Point Group: 2=m 2=m 2=m: Rare crystals are poorly formed, elongated along [001] and tabular on f100g. As lamellae, to 1 cm; as radial ¯brous aggregates of curved and lamellar crystals.
  • Ferronordite-(La) Mineral Data

    webmin.mindat.org/data/Ferronordite-(La).shtml Nordite-(La) (Na,Mn)3(Sr,Ca)(La,Ce)(Zn,Mg)Si6O17 Pcca 2/m 2/m 2/m Semenovite (Na,Ca)9(Ce,La)2(Fe,Mn)(Si,Be)20(O,OH,F)48 Pmmn 2/m 2/m 2/m Ferronordite-(Ce) !
  • Nordite – Virtual Museum of Molecules and Minerals

    virtual-museum.soils.wisc.edu/display/nordite Nordite is a zinc silicate with a peculiar silicate backbone structure (see below). Its structure consists of a bent single chain structure with repeated 4-member silicate rings linked into it. It is of little importance in soils, but illustrates the complexity of silicate polymerization and one of the many interesting forms that can be ...
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    www.dakotamatrix.com/mineral-galleries/search A 3mm grain of Nordite-(La) with a vial lanthanum oxide. Nordite-(La) is rare and occurs in just three localities worldwide. Nordite-(La) at WebMineral Nordite-(La) at MinDat
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    it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nordite-(La) Nordite-(La) Classificazione Strunz: VIII/G.03-30 Formula chimica (Na,Mn) 3 (Sr,Ca)(La,Ce)(Zn,Mg)Si 6 O 17 Proprietà cristallografiche; Gruppo puntuale: 2/m 2/m 2/m Gruppo spaziale: Pcca
  • Norditec à Barentin près de Rouen et normandie dans la ...

    www.norditec76.com La prestation de services; Norditec intervient sur l'ensemble de la Normandie et s'est spécialisée dans la rénovation tous corps d'état. Nos fournisseurs sont des professionnels et nous sélectionnons ensemble et pour vous les meilleurs produits.