• Neustadtelite Mineral Data

    webmineral.com/data/Neustadtelite.shtml PE Neustadtelite = 900.37 barns/electron U=PE Neustadtelite x rElectron Density=4,609.34 barns/cc. Radioactivity: GRapi = 0 (Gamma Ray American Petroleum Institute Units) Neustadtelite is Not Radioactive
  • Neustadtelite mineral information and data

    www.dakotamatrix.com/mineralpedia/9014/neustadtelite Neustadtelite mineral information and data ... Neustadtelite -
  • Neust¨adtelite Bi 3+O 2 4 2 - Handbook of Mineralogy

    www.handbookofmineralogy.com/pdfs/neustadtelite.pdf Neust¨adtelite Bi2Fe3+Fe3+O2(OH)2(AsO4)2 c 2001-2005 Mineral Data Publishing, version 1 Crystal Data: Orthorhombic. Point Group: 2/m2/m2/m. Crystals are usually tabular on {100}, or equant, showing {001}, {010}, {100}, {021}, {102}, {111}, many other forms, to 2.5 cm;
  • Cobaltneustadtelite Mineral Data

    webmineral.com/data/Cobaltneustadtelite.shtml Krause W , Bernhardt H J , McCammon C A , Effenberger H , American Mineralogist , 87 (2002) p.726-738, Neustadtelite and cobaltneustadtelite, the Fe- and Co- analogues of medenbachite Physical Properties of Cobaltneustadtelite
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  • Arsenate mineral - Wikipedia

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arsenate_mineral Arsenate minerals usually refer to the naturally occurring orthoarsenates, possessing the (AsO 4) 3− anion group and, more rarely, other arsenates with anions like AsO 3 (OH) 2− (also written HAsO 4 2−) (example: pharmacolite Ca(AsO 3 OH). 2H 2 O) or (very rarely) [AsO 2 (OH) 2] − (example: andyrobertsite). Arsenite minerals are much less common. Both the Dana and the Strunz mineral ...
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  • Purple-Sky-Minerals / David Hospital

    www.strahlen.org/forum/index.php Purple-Sky-Minerals / David Hospital ... Neustadtelite Natisite Caysichite-(Y) & tengerite-(Y) (after the database rruff, caysichite-(Y) is the only Erbium Mineral in existence!) Clausthalite Magnesiofoitite Csiklovaite Dollaseite-Ce Cuprostibite
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EKO_Cobra EKO Cobra was involved in a hostage rescue in the Graz-Karlau Prison in 1996 and numerous other operations. Although it has never participated in the same type of hostage rescue operations that the HRT , GIGN , GIS , NSG , ERU , GSG 9 and the SAS have had, the EKO Cobra is the only Counter-Terrorism unit to end a hijacking while the aircraft ...
  • Winterhalder & Hofmeier History, Winterhalder & Hoffmeier ...

    www.clockguy.com/SiteRelated/SiteReferencePages/W&HHistory.html Winterhalder & Hofmeier were considered the finest clockmakers in the Victorian era. They were based in several towns in Germany’s Black Forest region. The company was established in 1810 by Thomas Winterhalder in Friedenweiler, southern Germany, and was continued by his three sons Matthäus, Karl and Linus. They lived in an old house that ...