• House of XI's House Band! Children - Native American Heavy ...

    houseofxi.com/hxi/children/children_hom.htm ITN EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with House of XI House Band Leader! "Money Is Meant To Be Spent! Art Is Meant To Be Experienced!" - Children's Lead Vocalist "I Would Rather Play For People Who Love The Music, If You Love The Music Then I Will Play For You!"
  • Symphonic Metal - Freedom Spirit - YouTube

    www.youtube.com/watch It is the Way I always felt about the Culture of Native Americans. Composed 100% by myself as always, on Keyboard and Guitar. Production made with Magix Music Maker Pro 16.
  • House of XI's House Band! Val Halla's Slave by Children ...

    houseofxi.com/hxi/children/children_val_halla_slave.htm "NATIVE AMERICAN HEAVY METAL SPIRITS" Exclusive World Wide Agent Representative Wanted. XITV / ITN News Exclusive! Live Interview with Lead Vocalist! CHILDREN Is Earth's #1 Native American Heavy Metal Band! Nation of XI's Prime Entertainment Network!
  • Understanding Black metal; a Native American point of view

    theruraldemocrat.typepad.com/.../understanding-black-metal-a-native-american-... The regions what us Shawnee call the spirit world, or spirit place. I believe Black metal taps into this opaque and mysterious place. This hidden place, the region between the light and darkness is understood by the worlds Indigenous cultures; being Scandinavian or American.
  • Metal - Native American Indian Store

    www.nativeamericanindiancollectorsmart.info/index/metal Native American; Metal For Sale Find Metal for sale on eBay! Waterproof Lcd Metal Detector Gold Digger Deep Sensitive Hunter Search Coil $51.90. 4- Icepure Plus Advanced Heavy Metal Reduction Rwf1100ah Refrigerator Rwf100a $52.49. Price Highest . Price Highest Best Match Ending Soonest Price Highest Newly Listed Price Lowest.
  • Here Are Some Indigenous/Native Metal Bands to Help You ...

    toiletovhell.com/here-are-some-indigenousnative-metal-bands-to-help-you-c... Morbithory are a black metal band based out of Many Farms, Arizona. They call their genre “Diné Black Metal”. It should come as little surprise that a band drawing from their native roots would be drawn to black metal. Black metal’s rejection of the norm, the standard, the mainstream fits right in with Morbithory’s Navajo ancestry.

    www.youtube.com/watch NATIVE METAL - "FORCED OPPRESSION LEADS TO AGGRESSION" This is an Original Song I wrote about tribal propaganda from a Native American standpoint and how greed, hate, and lies power this country ...
  • Best Native American Rock Bands - TheTopTens

    www.thetoptens.com/native-american-rock-bands The Contenders. Awesome Industrial-Hip Hop-Metal Rock group. Wikipedia says "Corporate Avenger is a Native American band from Southern California. The style of their music has varied over time, ranging from electronica and industrial to rap to rock. With each change, the subject matter has always remained the same: political matter, knowledge,...
  • America Is Still Afraid of Heavy Metal - VICE

    www.vice.com/en_au/article/qvnd55/america-is-still-afraid-of-heavy-metal Two Native American metalheads were kicked off a campus tour last week by a white woman who feared their brown skin and black T-shirts. That fear is nothing new.
  • Native American Gods & Mythology | Study.com

    study.com/academy/lesson/native-american-gods-mythology.html Across many Native American tribes, there is a reverence for a high deity known as the Great Spirit.This Creator god was a mythological figure who was responsible for causing the universe to form.