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    www.mineralogicalassociation.ca/doc/Moskvinite-Y.pdf Moskvinite-(Y) Na2K(Y,REE)[Si6O15] ORTHORHOMBIC Locality: Dara-i-Pioz glacial moraine, Alaisky mountain ridge, Tajikistan. Occurrence: In a coarse-grained ...
  • Moskvinite-(Y) Na2K(Y,REE)(Si6O15

    www.handbookofmineralogy.org/pdfs/moskvinite-(Y).pdf (4) Friis, H. (2016) First occurrence of moskvinite-(Y) in the Ilímaussaq alkaline complex, South Greenland - implications for rare-earth element mobility. Mineral.
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    www.fluomin.org/uk/fiche.php Dara-i-Pioz glacial moraine, Alaisky mountain ridge, Tajikistan; (*)Data are not exhaustive and are limited to the most important localities for fluorescence
  • First Occurrence Of Moskvinite-(Y) In The Ilímaussaq ...

    www.deepdyve.com/.../first-occurrence-of-moskvinite-y-in-the-il-maussaq-alkal... Abstract Moskvinite-(Y), Na 2 K(Y,REE)Si 6 O 15 , is a rare mineral, which until now has only been described from its type locality Dara-i-Pioz, Tajikistan. At Ilímaussaq moskvinite-(Y) was discovered in a drill core from Kvanefjeld, where it occurs as a replacement mineral associated with a mineral belonging to the britholite group.

    pubs.geoscienceworld.org/.../the-crystal-structure-of-moskvinite-y-na2-k-y-ree the crystal structure of moskvinite-(y), na2 k (y,ree) [si6o15], a new silicate mineral with [si6o15] three-membered double rings from the dara-i-pioz moraine, tien-shan mountains, tajikistan
  • (PDF) The crystal structure of Moskvinite-(Y), Na2 K (Y ...

    www.researchgate.net/.../250273408_The_crystal_structure_of_Moskvinite-Y_Na2_... The crystal structure of Moskvinite-(Y), Na2 K (Y, REE) [Si6O15], a new silicate mineral with [Si6O15] three-membered double rings from the Dara-I-Pioz moraine, Tien-Shan Mountains, Tajikistan
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