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    www.mindat.org/min-27689.html Named in honor of Dr. Yves Moëlo, Institut des Matériaux, CNRS - Université de Nantes, France, a specialist of lead sulfosalt mineralogy. He first prepared and studied this compound.
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    www.mindat.org/gm/27689 Very rich black metallic acicular crystals of Moëloite covering marble matrix (overall 6.0 x 4.0 x 2.0 cm) (field of view: ca. 15 mm). Identified by SEM-EDX and XRD (single crystal).
  • Lead-antimony sulfosalts from Tuscany (Italy). V ...

    www.researchgate.net/.../249517253_Lead-antimony_sulfosalts_from_Tuscany_Ital... Moeloite is a new lead-antimony sulfosalt, Pb6Sb6S14(S-3), discovered in the Ceragiola marble quarry, near Seravezza town (Tuscany, Italy). Associated minerals are: sulphur, pyrite and enargite.
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sulfosalt_minerals Sulfosalt minerals are those complex sulfide minerals with the general formula: A m B n S p; where A represents a metal such as copper, lead, silver, iron, and rarely mercury, zinc, vanadium; B usually represents semi-metal such as arsenic, antimony, bismuth, and rarely germanium, or metals like tin and rarely vanadium; and S is sulfur or rarely selenium or/and tellurium.
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_minerals_M_(complete) This list includes those recognised minerals beginning with the letter M.The International Mineralogical Association is the international group that recognises new minerals and new mineral names, however minerals discovered before 1959 did not go through the official naming procedure, although some minerals published previously have been either confirmed or discredited since that date.
  • Lead-antimony sulfosalts from Tuscany (Italy). V ...

    ui.adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2002EJMin..14..599O/abstract Lead-antimony sulfosalts from Tuscany (Italy). V. Definition and crystal structure of moëloite, Pb 6 Sb 6 S 14 (S 3), a new mineral from the Ceragiola marble quarry
  • Seravezza quarrying basin, Seravezza, Lucca Province ...

    zh.mindat.org/gl/18716 Hairy aggregate of Boulangerite "Plumosite" - and not Jamesonite as previously thought for many of there samples over marble - all analysys have given Boulangerite data - specimen size around 6x5,5 cm - this is a particular of the other side of the previous photo 9883
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    rruff.geo.arizona.edu/AMS/minerals/Moeloite Moeloite : Orlandi P, Meerschaut A, Palvadeau P, Merlino S : European Journal of Mineralogy 14 (2002) 599-606: Lead-antimony sulfosalts from Tuscany (Italy).
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    database.iem.ac.ru/mincryst/s_carta.php MOELOITE: Specification: [1] Formula: Pb 6 Sb 6 S 17: Symmetry Class: orthorhombic: Space Group: P 2(1)22(1) Unit Cell Parameters: a = 15.3280 | b = 4.0400 | c = 23.0540: Number of Formula Unit: Z = 2: Unit Cell Volume, Å 3: V c = 1427.62: Number of Atomic Position per full Unit Cell: P/U = 58 : Molar Volume, cm 3 /mol: V m = 429.95: Number of ...