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    www.matchcover.org Society where collectors share a common bond, their love of matchcovers and matchboxes.
  • Matchbook - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matchcover A matchbook is a small paperboard folder enclosing a quantity of matches and having a coarse striking surface on the exterior. The folder is opened to access the ...
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    www.matchpro.org Resource and reference site for matchcover collectors
    • Collection of rare and valuable matchbooks & matchcovers

      titanicitems.com/matchbooks.htm An online museum of some of the rarest and most desireable matchbooks and matchcovers.
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      www.facebook.com/pages/Matchcoverguy/1599283843663240 Welcome to Vintage Matchbooks where our focus is transporting you back to a simpler time via the matchbook cover, or matchcover as otherwise known.
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      www.matchcovers.com/glossary_C.htm CBS Radio Personalities-- A set of Columbia Broadcasting Company radio personalities matchcovers issued by The Diamond Match Co. There are 80 different matchcovers in ...
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      matchpro.org/Treasure.html WHY YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE: Before we start treasure hunting, we need to have a little chat! AGE: I know those covers you have are ...
    • Matchcover Glossary

      www.matchcovers.com/glossary_T.htm TS-- An abbreviation for 10-stick matchcovers and match books. Taffeta-- A Lion Match Co. trademark whose surface exhibited horizontal striations across the entire ...
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      www.hobbymaster.com/index.php/categories/matchcover-collecting/all Hobbymaster is the best. I was looking for an album for my around the world money collection and I found it and in no other store there was any albums or coin and ...
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      www.matchcover.org/Selling%20Covers.html WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW FIRST: If you have an accumulation or collection of matchcovers you're looking to sell, you'll need to take a relatively decent inventory ...