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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marialite Marialite is a silicate mineral with a chemical composition of Na 4 Al 3 Si 9 O 24 Cl if a pure endmember or Na 4 (AlSi 3 O 8) 3 (Cl 2,CO 3,SO 4) with increasing meionite content. Marialite is a member of the scapolite group and a solid solution exists between marialite and meionite, the calcium endmember.
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    www.shoplc.com/education/gemstone-marialite Marialite occurs in volcanic rocks a result of a high-pressure high-temperature environment. Canada is known for a mottled variety of Marialite. With Marialite the gem-quality yield from rough can be as low as 15%. The cat's eye effect most often occurs in green brown and gray varieties of Marialite.
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    www.mindat.org/min-2575.html Scapolite (Marialite-Meionite Series). An unusual, Pb-rich and Be-bearing marialite was described by Christy & Gatedal (2005). Visit gemdat.org for gemological information about Marialite.
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    www.gemsociety.org/article/scapolite-jewelry-and-gemstone-information Yellow scapolite’s value depends on size, clarity, and strength of color.Expect the usual premiums on price in terms of color saturation and custom versus native or commercial cutting.Values for natural purple or violet scapolites differ greatly from irradiated stones, since the untreated stones are rarer and have a delicate, but much purer, purple.
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scapolite Marialite, a component of scapolite, from Tanzania at the National Museum of Natural History. The group is an isomorphous mixture of the meionite and marialite endmembers. The tetragonal crystals are hemihedral with parallel faces (like scheelite), and at times of considerable size. They are distinct and usually have the form of square columns ...
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    webmineral.com/data/Marialite.shtml Excalibur Mineral Corp. Google Search for Marialite Exceptional Minerals Google Search for Marialite John Betts Fine Minerals Search for Marialite McDougall Minerals Google Search for Marialite Mineral News Website Link Rock and Mineral Shows Google Search for Marialite Weinrich Minerals, Inc. Google Search for Marialite. Ask about Marialite here :
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    www.gemstone7.com/266-marialite.html Marialite is a gemstone with a meaning and effect of solving problems smoothly. It can analyze problems and make a breakthrough. You would be able to overcome the past and open up your future.
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    www.minerals.net/mineral/marialite.aspx Marialite is the sodium-rich end member of the Scapolite series.It is very similar and often indistinguishable from Meionite, the other end member of the series. Intermediary forms of Marialite and Meionite are frequent, and these are classified simply as Scapolite. Marialite is named after Maria Rosa von Rath, the wife of German mineralogist Gerhard von Rath (1830-1888).
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    www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/marialite Marialite definition is - a mineral Na4Al3Si9O24Cl that consists of a chlorine-bearing aluminosilicate of sodium and is isomorphous with meionite. a mineral Na4Al3Si9O24Cl that consists of a chlorine-bearing aluminosilicate of sodium and is isomorphous with meionite… See the full definition. SINCE 1828.
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    geology.com/minerals/scapolite.shtml What is Scapolite? Scapolite is a name used for a group of aluminosilicate minerals that includes meionite, marialite, and silvialite. Meionite and marialite are end members of a solid solution series. Silvialite is a mineral that is very similar to meionite. These minerals have very similar compositions, crystal structures, and physical ...