• 80-20m Magnetic Loop Antenna by Frank N4SPP

    www.nonstopsystems.com/radio/frank_radio_antenna_magloop.htm US Radio Amateur Frank, N4SPP, presents plans on how to build your own antenna.
  • Magnetic Loop Antenna - Antennas: Magnetic Loop

    www.dxzone.com/catalog/Antennas/Magnetic_Loop The DXZone.com list in Antennas/Magnetic Loop a curation of 162 useful links about Magnetic loop antenna projects.
  • MFJ magnetic loop antenna - G4ILO

    www.g4ilo.com/mfj-magnetic-loop.html If you want an antenna that really works, and takes up next to no space, then you can't do better than a magnetic loop. The MFJ magnetic loops are one of only two ...
    • AA5TB - Small Loop Antennas

      www.aa5tb.com/loop.html Technical Information A small loop antenna appears as a very large resonant circuit. The loop itself can be viewed as a large single turn inductor of this circuit.
    • Loop antenna - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loop_antenna A loop antenna is a radio antenna consisting of a loop (or loops) of wire, tubing, or other electrical conductor with its ends connected to a balanced transmission ...
    • My Magnetic Loop Antenna - KR1ST

      www.kr1st.com/magloop.htm My Magnetic Loop Antenna. I built this antenna when I lived in an apartment complex which does not allow antennas and where I had no real estate to play with.