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    www.mindat.org/min-2507.html Macedonite is an oxide single perovskite with second order Jahn-Teller distortions. The Macedonite from Crni Kamen is the only natural perovskite mineral known to contain significant amounts of Bi 2 O 3 (2.2 wt.%) (Mitchell et al. 2016).
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    www.definitions.net/definition/macedonite Definition of macedonite in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of macedonite. What does macedonite mean? Information and translations of macedonite in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
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    www.yourdictionary.com/macedonite macedonite definition: Noun 1. (mineralogy) A tetragonal-ditetragonal dipyramidal black mineral containing lead, oxygen, and titanium.Origin -ite...
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    encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/macedonite Looking for macedonite? Find out information about macedonite. PbTiO3 A mineral composed of an oxide of lead and titanium. A basaltic rock that contains orthoclase, sodic plagioclase, biotite, olivine, and rare pyriboles Explanation of macedonite
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    en.wiktionary.org/wiki/macedonite macedonite A tetragonal-ditetragonal dipyramidal black mineral containing lead, oxygen, and titanium. References “Macedonite” in David Barthelmy, Webmineral Mineralogy Database, 1997–. Anagrams . nematocide
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    handbookofmineralogy.org/pdfs/macedonite.pdf Macedonite PbTiO3 c 2001-2005 Mineral Data Publishing, version 1 Crystal Data: Tetragonal. Point Group: 4/m2/m2/m. As equant to prismatic crystals, to

    www.minsocam.org/ammin/AM56/AM56_387.pdf MACEDONITE-LEAD TITANATE: A NBW MINERAL DuSIN RarusrNovt6 nNr CvBrro Menxov, Institule for Nucleor Raw M aterials, Beo gar d, Y ugo slavi'a Arsrnecr Macedonite, PbTiog, occurs as tiny grains and crystals in the amazonite quartz syenite veins in Crni Kamen near Prilep, Macedonia, Yugoslavia. It is tetragonal: a 3.889+0.024 A; c 4.209+0.ffi6 A.
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    www.webmineral.com/specimens/picshow.php B&W image of pseudo-cubic macedonite grains. (AmMin, v56:387). Accessory mineral in the amazonite-rich, quartz-syenite veins in Crni Kamen near Prilep, Macedonia.
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lead_titanate Lead titanate is one of the end members of the lead zirconate titanate (Pb[Zr x Ti 1-x]O 3 0≤x≤1, PZT) system, which is technologically one of the most important ferroelectric and piezoelectric ceramics; PbTiO 3 has a high ratio of k33 to kp with a high kt. Lead titanate occurs in nature as mineral macedonite. Toxicity