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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loop_antenna A loop antenna is a radio antenna consisting of a loop (or loops) of wire, tubing, or other electrical conductor with its ends connected to a balanced transmission ...
  • Loop Antenna Design - RADIO WORKS

    www.radioworks.com/nloop.html LOOP ANTENNAS. Full-wave loops are very popular antennas. ... The Vertical Loop is a good DX antenna. The shape can be a circle, square, rectangle or a triangle.
  • A multi-band HF loop antenna | Rik van Riel's home page

    surriel.com/radio/multi-band-hf-loop-antenna 80 meter loop frequency plot The table above makes it fairly easy to choose the feedpoint impedance for the 80 meter loop antenna. The lower bands (80 and 40) want ...
    • Dave's Homemade Loop Antennas at MAKEARADIO.COM

      makearadio.com/loops/index.php Loop antennas are like magic. Let me show you how you can make a loop antenna at makearadio.com, Dave Schmarder's radio hobby website.
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      www.antenna-theory.com/antennas/smallLoop.php Small Loop Antennas. The small loop antenna is a closed loop as shown in Figure 1. These antennas have low radiation resistance and high reactance, so that their ...
    • Skywire Loop Antenna - full wave loop radio antenna

      n1su.com/loop.html Some call it a Skywire Loop Antenna, some call it a W0MHS Loop Skywire Antenna, nowadays it's called a Full Wave Loop Antenna but it still is a force to be reckoned with.
    • HF Loop Antennas - American Radio Relay League

      www.arrl.org/hf-loop-antennas A Small Loop Antenna for 160 Meters QST June 1993, pp. 32-34 Effective, low-profile 160-meter antennas present a formidable challenge. Here’s one made form 1 inch ...
    • AA5TB - Small Loop Antennas

      www.aa5tb.com/loop.html Technical Information A small loop antenna appears as a very large resonant circuit. The loop itself can be viewed as a large single turn inductor of this circuit.
    • Vertical Loop Antenna - KN9B

      www.kn9b.us/loop-antenna While this loop antenna will not outperform a beam, it is a decent all-around antenna. The main advantage of a loop is the low takeoff angle for DX and the fact that ...
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      www.ebay.com/sch/i.html Find great deals on eBay for loop antenna active antenna. Shop with confidence.