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    webmineral.com/data/Lennilenapeite.shtml PE Lennilenapeite = 13.30 barns/electron U=PE Lennilenapeite x r electron = 35.67 barns/cc. Radioactivity: GRapi = 35.62 (Gamma Ray American Petroleum Institute Units) Concentration of Lennilenapeite per GRapi unit = 2.81 (%) Estimated Radioactivity from ...
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    www.mindat.org/min-2375.html Holotype and cotype lennilenapeite are in the mineral collection at Harvard University, under catalog numbers H105542 and H108573, respectively. Reference: Dunn, P.J., Peacor, D.R., Simmons, W.B. (1984) Lennilenapeite, the Mg-analogue of stilpnomelane, and chemical data on other stilpnomelane species from Franklin, New Jersey.
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    www.yourdictionary.com/lennilenapeite lennilenapeite definition: Noun 1. (mineralogy) A triclinic mineral containing aluminum, barium, hydrogen, iron, magnesium, manganese, oxygen, potassium, silicon ...
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    www.definitions.net/definition/lennilenapeite Definition of lennilenapeite in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of lennilenapeite. What does lennilenapeite mean? Information and translations of lennilenapeite in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
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    fomsnj.org/mineral.aspx Lennilenapeite (metallic gray-green) on dolomite (white) from Franklin, NJ. 3 1/4" x 2 1/8". From the collection of, and photo by Robert A. Boymistruk. Page
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    en.wiktionary.org/wiki/lennilenapeite (mineralogy) A triclinic mineral containing aluminum, barium, hydrogen, iron, magnesium, manganese, oxygen, potassium, silicon, sodium, and zinc
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    www.mindat.org/gallery.php Franklin Mine, Franklin, Franklin Mining District, Sussex County, New Jersey, USA Lennilenapeite - a 2.5 x 2.5 cm matrix consisting of calcite and franklinite with olive green druses forming on and in between pale green translucent sphalerite crystals.
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    www.dakotamatrix.com/products/8186/lennilenapeite Lennilenapeite - Olive green with a micaceous-like habit on Calcite matrix. Originally thought to be a chlorite by Palache and as a Stilpnomelane by Frondel to which is was later placed regarded as isostructuaral with Stilpnomelane as "ferrostilpnomelane". . This and many more mineral specimens are available for sale at Dakota Matrix Minerals.
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    www.handbookofmineralogy.com/pdfs/lennilenapeite.pdf Title: Lennilenapeite.PDF Author: cschuh Created Date: 8/19/2001 2:46:20 AM
  • K (Mg Mn Fe2+ Zn) Lennilenapeite (Si Al) (O OH) 16H O

    www.handbookofmineralogy.org/pdfs/Lennilenapeite.pdf K6¡7(Mg;Mn2+;Fe2+;Zn)48 Lennilenapeite (Si;Al)72(O;OH)216²16H2O °c 2001 Mineral Data Publishing, version 1.2 Crystal Data: Triclinic. Point Group: n.d. As platy crystals forming dense aggregates, to 1 cm; as drusy coatings. Physical Properties: Cleavage: Perfect on f001g, imperfect on fhk0g.