• Aikido Kokikai Australia | Minimum effort Maximum effect

      kokikai.org.au Kokikai Aikido in Australia began with the University of New South Wales Kokikai Aikido Club, founded on 27th September, 1989 by Shuji Ozeki sensei, and soon after ...
    • Kokikai Aikido Boston

      www.kokikaiboston.com Kokikai Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art. fitness fitness fitness
    • Eastern Sky Aikido | Kokikai

      easternskyaikido.com/kokikai Sensei Shuji Maruyama About Aikido Kokikai. Kokikai Aikido is a martial art, concerned with effective self-defense technique and realization of our full potential ...
    • Aikido Kokikai South Everett | Studying the Gentle Art of ...

      everettaikido.com Kokikai Aikido International affiliate dojo providing Kokikai style Aikido training for adults and children in Everett, WA at the Southeast YMCA.
    • Aikido Kokikai - University of Chicago

      aikido-kokikai.uchicago.edu Aikido Kokikai International affiliate offering instruction in Kokikai style Aikido at the University of Chicago.
    • kokikai

      www.lvaikido.com The Kokikai style emphasizes natural movement, ki development, relaxation, good posture and mind-body coordination. It is a minimalist martial art that focuses on ...
    • Kokikai Aikido YWCA Princeton

      kokikaiprinceton.com Kokikai Aikido is a self-defense training system that stresses timing, centering and coordination rather than meeting force with force.