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    www.killersudokuonline.com Welcome to killer sudoku online. Your online source of killer sudokus. There are five puzzles on this page: two killer sudoku puzzles and two “greater than ...
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    www.dailykillersudoku.com Welcome to dailykillersudoku.com! Solve our daily Killer Sudoku and Greater-Than Killer Sudoku puzzles online, right here in your browser, or print them for solving ...
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    krazydad.com/killersudoku Killer Sudoku (also called Sum Sudoku) are a kind of hybrid puzzle that combine the best features of Sudoku and Kakuro (cross-sum) puzzles. Like a regular Sudoku, the ...
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      en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Killer_Sudoku Killer sudoku (also killer su doku, sumdoku, sum doku, sumoku, addoku, or samunamupure) is a puzzle that combines elements of sudoku and kakuro. Despite the name, the ...
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      www.brainbashers.com/killersudoku.asp Daily Killer Sudoku. Welcome to BrainBashers Daily Killer Sudoku. Killer Sudoku are logic puzzles with very simple rules and challenging solutions
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      sudoku.org.uk/KillerSudoku.asp Killer Sudoku is a fiendish variant of Sudoku - the same 9 x 9 board with rows, columns and nine boxes that must be filled in with all the numbers 1 to 9.
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      www.djape.net/killer-sudoku Daily printable online Killer Sudoku (aka Samunamupure, Sumdoku, Addoku) puzzles by Djape. Books with these puzzles also available.
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      download.cnet.com/Killer-Sudoku/3000-2111_4-10589237.html From viewforyou: Play Killer Sudoku on your PC with this great software from ViewForYou. Made popular by the Times newspaper in London, Killer is SuDoku with a twist ...
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