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      www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Judaism/kashrut.html Kashrut is the body of Jewish law dealing with what foods can and cannot be eaten and how those foods must be prepared.
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      dictionary.reference.com/browse/kashrut noun 1. the body of dietary laws prescribed for Jews: an observer of kashruth. 2. fitness for use with respect to Jewish law: the kashruth of a religious object.
    • Kashrut: Dietary Laws - My Jewish Learning

      www.myjewishlearning.com/article/kashrut-dietary-laws Basics Kashrut 101. Traditional Jewish practice forbids the consumption of some types of food. Keeping Kosher. Observing Jewish dietary laws means living within ...
    • Kashrut.com - Kosher Food Alerts and Mislabeled Products

      www.kashrut.com/Alerts Kashrus status of Quaker gluten free instant oatmeal. I received the following information from the OU in response to a reader's question on February 2, 2016: Quaker ...
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      www.rabbinicalassembly.org/jewish-law/kashrut We are commanded to be a holy people. "Thou shalt be holy for I the Lord thy God am holy." "Thou shalt be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation."
    • Kosher - Kashrut - Eating Jewishly

      www.chabad.org/generic_cdo/aid/113424/jewish/Kosher.htm The how and why of keeping kosher, in a step-by-step "wizard" that walks you through the basics and "advanced readings" that offer more detailed study