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    www.johannite.org Experience the Johannite Tradition . Initiated by the Baptist, transmitted by the Apostle, and restored in the modern era, the Apostolic Johannite Church enacts the Johannite Tradition through an esoteric, Gnostic and Christian path of spiritual understanding and self-discovery. Ignited in community, nurtured by individual practice, and fed by ...
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johannite_Church The Johannite Church, properly known by its full name, l'Église Johannite des Chrétiens Primitifs (The Johannite Church of Primitive Christians), is a Gnostic Christian denomination founded by the French priest Bernard-Raymond Fabré-Palaprat in 1804. The Johannite Church received its full name in 1828 after Fabré-Palaprat's claimed discovery of the Levitikon gospels.
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johannite Johannite is a rare uranium sulfate mineral.It crystallizes in the triclinic crystal system with the chemical composition Cu[UO 2 (OH)SO 4] 2 ·8H 2 O. It crystallizes in the triclinic system and develops only small prism or thin to thick tabular crystals, usually occurs as flaky or spheroidal aggregates and efflorescent coatings.Its color is emerald-green to apple-green and its streak is pale ...
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    www.johannite.org/frequently-asked-questions What is the Apostolic Johannite Church? We are an esoteric, gnostic, Christian communion within the historic Apostolic Succession. We fully embrace the beauty and mystery of the living Christian tradition: candles and incense, ancient rites such as baptism and the eucharist and robed male and female priests.
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    www.mindat.org/min-2102.html 5 photos of Johannite associated with Magnesiozippeite: Mg(UO 2) 2 (SO 4)O 2 · 3.5H 2 O: 5 photos of Johannite associated with Zippeite: K 3 (UO 2) 4 (SO 4) 2 O 3 (OH) · 3H 2 O: 2 photos of Johannite associated with Zippeite Group: 2 photos of Johannite associated with Uranopilite (UO 2) 6 (SO 4)O 2 (OH) 6 · 14H 2 O: 1 photo of Johannite ...
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    www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/johannite Johannite definition is - a mineral Cu(UO2)2(SO4)(OH)2.6H2O consisting of a green hydrous basic uranyl copper sulfate that occurs in massive form.
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    encyclopedia2.thefreedictionary.com/johannite The Johannite sects continued to flourish in the Tigris-Euphrates basin well into the first few centuries. Letter from America: From Christ to Christmas - a historical analysis - Part 1 Several protestant churches like Anglican, Church of England, Apostolic Johannite Church, and several others Christian denominations allow ordination of women ...
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    portland.johannite.org Welcome to the Rose Cross Community in Portland, Oregon! We are part of the Apostolic Johannite Church, and is served by Rev. Deacon Jason Campbell as rector.. As a principle, we affirm the presence of Divinity in all Beings.We therefore welcome and affirm people of every gender, race, ethnicity, economic and social status, gender identity, and sexual orientation.
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    www.ancient-origins.net/johannite Johannite. 2 January, 2016 - 14:51 MarkPinkham. Secrets of the Knights Templar: The Knights of John the Baptist. Soon after the Knights Templar founded their order in the Holy Land in 1118 AD they assimilated into a very ancient gnostic tradition and lineage known as the Johannite Church, which had been founded...
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    thetemplarknight.com/2011/03/31/john-baptist-templar Jesus hijacked the cult of John the Baptist – and the Knights Templar knew this. I would suggest that this was an attempt by Jesus and his followers to justify hijacking John the Baptist’s cult. Effectively, the Jesus crowd were backdating John’s fealty to Jesus all the way to the womb.