• CW OPERATING AIDS - Amateur Radio, ham radio links and ...

      w1wc.com/cw CW OPERATING AIDS : Amateur 'Q' Signals -- Commonly Used 'Q' Signals; Most Complete International Morse Code - By WE6W - Telegraphic Numbers ...

      www.qsl.net/w5htw/OPERATIONS/OPERATING_AIDS/operating_aids.html It means "I am operating full breakin. I can hear you between my transmitted ... most ham radio operators were male. It was a technical hobby, and despite ...
    • Ham Operating Aids - Operating Aids: Phonetics and codes

      www.dxzone.com/catalog/Operating_Aids/Phonetics_and_codes The DXZone.com list in Operating Aids/Phonetics and codes a curation of 17 useful links about Ham Radio glossaries dictionaries codes and terminology.
    • Amateur Radio Operating Aids

      ac6v.com/opaids.htm FREEBEES Map mash-up of ham licenses in the U.S.-- From KE6UZ, find map location of Hams by callsign, find Hams and Ham populations by State or Zip code!
    • Morse Code Operating Aids - Amateur radio

      www.ac6v.com/morseaids.htm CW OPERATING AIDS QUICK CLICK ... Beware of the ham who says “here is a sure fire way to learn the code”. ... Refer to the operating manual for your radio.
    • Operating Aids - MDARC

      www.mdarc.org/resources/operating-aids The Mount Diablo Amateur Radio (HAM) Club. ... Allocated Bands Chart - ARRL. A full-color chart of the U.S. amateur radio bands.
    • Quick Reference Operating Aids - American Radio Relay League

      www.arrl.org/quick-reference-operating-aids Quick Reference Operating Aids. ... NTS Manual, Ham Aid, Served Agencies and Partners, Public Service Resources, ARES, NTS, Public Service Honor Roll.