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    www.minerals.net/mineral/goosecreekite.aspx Goosecreekite is a rare and coveted member of the zeolite group.It is a relatively new mineral, only being recognized by the IMA as a distinct mineral species in 1980. Goosecreekite is named after its type locality at the New Goose Creek Quarry in Leesburg, Virginia.
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    galleries.com/Goosecreekite Goosecreekite is a rare mineral and is sought after by collectors of rare zeolite minerals. Zeolites are known to have an openness about their structure that allows large ions and molecules to reside and actually move around inside the overall framework. The structure actually contains open channels that allow water and large ions to travel ...
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    www.spiritofisis.org/knowledge/crystal_files/goosecreekite.htm Goosecreekite is a hydrated calcium aluminium silicate mineral, found in low temperature hydrothermals and basalt cavities. Goosecreekite is a member of the Zeolites group. The Zeolites group is divided into seven familys: Analcime, Chabazite, Gismondine, Harmotome, Heulandite, Natrolite and Stilbite.
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    www.mindat.org/gm/1726 This specimen hosts several superb Goosecreekite crystals on a Quartz crystal matrix in association with a sharp single crystal of Stilbite. The largest Goosecreekite crystal is a complex compound crystal that measures over 4.4cm. The Goosecreekite crystals have great luster and undamaged terminations. I tried to capture just how superb they ...
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    www.classicgems.net/gem_goosecreekite.htm Goosecreekite is found in the vesicles or bubbles of volcanic rock as are most other Zeolites. Goosecreekite is a very rare mineral and extremely rare as a faceted gem. Goosecreekite is found in only three locations: the type locality at the New Goose Creek Quarry, Leesburg, Loudoun County, Virginia, USA; exceptional crystals are found at the ...
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    webmineral.com/data/Goosecreekite.shtml Goosecreekite Crystallography: Axial Ratios: a:b:c =0.4243:1:0.4182 : Cell Dimensions: a = 7.401, b = 17.439, c = 7.293, Z = 2; beta = 105.44° V = 907.31 Den(Calc)= 2.23
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    www.treasuremountainmining.com/Minerals-a-z/G/goosecreekite Goosecreekite, one of the rarest members of the zeolite family, is named for the type locality, the .....
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    www.superbminerals.us/collections/goosecreekite Goosecreekite is one of the rarer zeolites and one of the most unusually named minerals in the world. It is named after the quarry from where it was first described, Luck Goose Creek Quarry in Loudon Co., Virginia. It forms irregular aggregates and prismatic crystals that are found in the vesicles or bubbles of volcani
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    zh.mindat.org/min-1726.html Goosecreekite: Rouse R C, Peacor D R (1986) Crystal structure of the zeolite mineral goosecreekite, CaAl2Si6O16.5H2O American Mineralogist 71 1494-1501: 1986: 0: 293:
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goosecreekite Zeolites are microporous, aluminosilicate minerals commonly used as commercial adsorbents and catalysts. The term zeolite was originally coined in 1756 by Swedish mineralogist Axel Fredrik Cronstedt, who observed that rapidly heating the material, believed to have been stilbite, produced large amounts of steam from water that had been adsorbed by the material.