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    www.webmineral.com/data/Ferro-edenite.shtml Ferro-edenite Wohlerite Comments: Transparent yellow wöhlerite crystals embedded in pink feldspar and black mica matrix with black ferro-edenite (var. barkevikite). Location: Langesundsfjorden, Sandoya Island, Porsgrunn, Norway.
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    www.mindat.org/min-1472.html The minerals in the edenite group is defined with A (Na+K+2Ca≥0,5 apfu) and C (Al+Fe 3+ +2Ti)≤0,5 apfu and with (OH), F or Cl in the W position. Ferro-edenite is defined with A position: Na dominant C position: Fe 2+ dominant W position: (OH) dominant
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    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferro-edenite Edenite is a double chain silicate mineral of the amphibole group with the general chemical composition NaCa 2 Mg 5 (Si 7 Al)O 22 (OH) 2.Edenite is named for the locality of Edenville, Orange County, New York, where it was first described.
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    www.galleries.com/Ferro-edenite Ferro-edenite is an uncommon amphibole mineral. It is almost exactly the same as the more common amphibole mineral edenite, but contains more iron than magnesium thus the name ferro-edenite (ferro is latin for iron). The two minerals form a solid solution series in which the iron and magnesium substitute for each other.
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    www.minerals.net/mineral-variety/Mineral/Ferro-edenite.aspx Ferro-edenite. Variety of Edenite where iron replaces the magnesium content. Ferro-edenite is recognized by the IMA as a distinct mineral species with the following chemical formula: NaCa 2 Fe 2+ 5 Si 7 O 22 (OH) 2. Back
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    webmin.mindat.org/data/Ferro-edenite.shtml Ferro-edenite Classification: Dana Class: 66.01.03a.11 Inosilicate Double-Width Unbranched Chains, W=2 : with P=2 amphibole configuration : Group 2, the calcic amphiboles : 66.01.03a.01 Tremolite []Ca2Mg5Si8O22(OH)2 ...
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    rruff.info/Ferro-edenite Name: Ferro-edenite RRUFF ID: R060044 Ideal Chemistry: NaCa 2 Fe 2+ 5 (Si 7 Al)O 22 (OH) 2 Locality: Barkevik, Norway Source: University of Arizona Mineral Museum 13355 Owner: RRUFF Description: Black cleavage fragment Status: The identification of this mineral has been confirmed by X-ray diffraction and chemical analysis Mineral Group: [ amphibole (105)]
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    www.galleries.com/Edenite Ferro-edenite is the iron rich member hence the ferro designation, while edenite is the magnesium rich member. Edenite's formula is often written without the iron content implying a pure contentration of magnesium, but iron is almost always present in edenite.
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    www.webmineral.com/data/Edenite.shtml 09.DE.10 Ferro-edenite NaCa2Fe5Si7AlO22(OH)2 C 2/m 2/m : 09.DE.10 Ferro-aluminotschermakite* Ca2Fe3Al2(Si7Al)O22(OH)2 C 2/m 2/m : 09.DE.10 Potassic-magnesiosadanagaite (K,Na)Ca2(Mg,Fe,Al,Ti)5[(Si,Al)8O22](OH)2 C 2,Cm,C 2/m Mono : 09.DE.10 Fluoro-edenite! NaCa2Mg5Si7AlO22(F,OH)2 C 2/m 2/m : 09.DE.10 Hastingsite NaCa2(Fe4Fe)Si6Al2O22(OH)2 C 2/m 2/m
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    www.mindat.org/min-6950.html This mineral is known to be a respirable carcinogen, similar to asbestos and many other amphiboles, and exposure to very dusty air or long-term exposure to low level airborne dusts containing fine fibres of fluoro-edenite and related amphiboles has been found to cause a high risk of serious lung disease including mesothelioma and lung cancer.